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Minutemen top tigers in eight innings

The Lewis County Minutemen baseball team was at home on April 12 when they hosted the Elkins Tigers in a Big Ten Conference match up.

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Stories that do more than tilt at windmills

The art of translating a piece of literature is like painting a picture. The subtle shading of color can convey a mood just as well as carefully chosen words, and a painter’s brush strokes can make them as readily identifiable as the translator whose tone of voice ferries an author’s work into a new language.

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Recognizing hard-working DOH employees

I am writing with the hopes of recognizing some very hardworking employees of the Department of Highways out of the Bendale Office who have been working on Bear Run Road, a narrow, winding gravel based road off of Oil Creek Road in Southern Lewis County.

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About Meet the Candidate Night

On Tuesday, April 12, I had the pleasure to attend one of the foundation events of our free, democratic process: a meet the candidates night.

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Cannabis can save us

“Marijuana is a gateway drug,” proclaims a pro-cannabis advocate and cancer survivor, who credits the plant with saving his life. Rusty Williams, a long-time proponent of cannabis legislation in WV, indicates that cannabis is a gateway to improved public health and a sustainable economy.

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Major changes for the local farmer’s market

The local farmer’s market is making some major changes for the 2018 season. The Lewis County Farmer’s Market, formerly The Riverfront Farmers Market, has a new home and vendors who are committed to making the upcoming season a success.

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Library building deteriorating

The Lewis County Library building is greatly deteriorating! Stand by the road or front steps and mist of the facade is rotting or missing.

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