Tremendous Victories Require Continued Vigilance

Over the past few months, West Virginia has experienced a tremendous amount of success in beating back years of federal overreach that have devastated many in our state.

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Recreational Marijuana Lobbying Organization behind push for “medical” use in WV

For weeks, West Virginians have been told that SB386, the “WV Medical Marijuana Act,” is specifically to serve as a health benefit for our state. This claim is made despite proven research that the substance can cause more problems than it can temporaril

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Carpenter bees are buzzing

Carpenter bees are beginning to buzz about after spending winter as adults in the tunnels where they were raised last summer. After mating and a little spring cleaning, females will re-use their “home tunnels” while the others will have to find new sites

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My Life as a Police Wife

Most people who know me, know that my husband is a police officer. While I love his job and I love my job, we both have very hectic schedules at times. News never stops, crime never stops. Our lives are spent running around like chickens with our head cu

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In response to “Why we elected Donald Trump”

As I am sure most are aware, Donald Trump won West Virginia by a larger margin than any other state. A letter published in the April 12 edition of the Weston Democrat attempted to explain West Virginia’s support of Trump by stating that West Virginia elec

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The Cost of Broadband

West Virginia has a long history of isolation from the rest of the country. Our state, which is bordered by the Appalachian Mountains to the east and the Ohio River to the west, has always felt insulated from the goings on of most of America. Often we eve

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The Hermit of Three Decades

A few years ago in the magazine GQ I read an interesting story about a man who lived in the Maine woods for nearly three decades, before finally being caught and arrested. The story struck me as a fascinating and I filed it away in the deep recesses of m

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Why We Elected Donald Trump

The issues within my letter are stated as an American citizen with equal rights of freedom of speech, as with our news publications, which I do read many.

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Annual W.Va. Beef Expo

The West Virginia Beef Expo was held over the past weekend at Jackson’s Mill. This was the 27th annual expo and featured sales from several breeds, a trade show, a banquet, and several youth competitions.

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Better to Have It, and Not Need It Than Need It and Not Have It

Fire, fire burning down. Burning my house to the ground. Why? Because the lack of funding caused the volunteer fire department close to my house to close its doors. Then, my rent increased because my landlord’s homeowners insurance increased all because t

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Open Letter to Elected Representatives

Republican Senate Leader Mitch Carmichael’s answer to our struggling economy is “Corporate Welfare.” Take what we own and make it available to industry for 1/8 of its value and outdated lease terms signed decades ago. I and many other royalty owners wil

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W.Va. Coal is Depending on Trump

When President Trump Campaigned on a pro-coal platform last fall, coal country paid attention. For the top five coal producing states in the nation voted Trump in the November election, including West Virginia. As President Trump settles in his office, h

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Lewis County: A Variety of Activities for ALL

I’ve come to notice on Facebook and other social media websites, that many people complain that there is nothing to do in Lewis County. In my opinion, this simply isn’t true.

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Applying Herbicides

The past three years a company from Virginia has come to the county and applied herbicides by helicopter to pastures in the area, trying to control brush. The applications were done in Lewis, Harrison, Doddridge, and Gilmer Counties.

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Pipeline Proposal Raises Questions that Beg for Answers

The comment period on the 42” Atlantic Coast Pipeline comes to a close this Thursday. Anyone who made comments during the pre-filing period MUST submit those comments again, since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has essentially tossed those into

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The McNemar House

It was a surprise and very interesting to read in the March 31 Record Delta about “The McNemar House.” My mother was Allegra McNemar, daughter of the same couple that Bronson might just remember as Mom-mom and Pop-pop, (at least, that is what I always

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West Virginia Going to Pot

The West Virginia state legislature is considering a bill to legalize medical marijuana, even though federal law deems the drug as illegal. The Drug Enforcement Administration addressed the matter in August of 2016.

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A Fresh Look for the Website

The Weston Democrat is excited to announce a brand new look and a whole new functionality coming to our website, and it will change the way our readers can interact with us. To keep up with the changing times and growing social media trends, our newspape

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One Vote Changed the Fate of Women

It’s surprising just how little time has passed since everything changed for women in the United States with the passage of a constitutional amendment. At the founding of the United States, the newborn country’s female citizens did not share all of the r

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The City Needs Formal Plan for use of 1 Percent Sales Tax

Editor: Two weeks ago, I attended the Weston City Council meeting where the 1 percent city sales tax was approved by a 2 to 1 vote. One council member was absent. Several town citizens spoke out against the new tax, but it was apparent that the counc

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Citizen Backs Delegate

Editor: I believe whole heartily in what Delegate Patrick Martin said in his article in The Democrat on March 1st. If the cynics would realize that if we put Jesus and the word of God first in our lives, the so called “important things” on our plate

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WV Beef Expo

The 27th annual West Virginia Beef Expo will be held at Jackson’s Mill April 6-8. This event is one of the largest beef cattle activities in the state and will attract farmers from around West Virginia and surrounding states. This will be a historic Bee

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Racial Equality Doesn’t Exist

“Racial prejudice, anti-Semitism, or hatred of anyone with different beliefs has no place in the human heart or mind.” -Billy Graham “Racial equality occurs when people of all races are given equal opportunity. In other words, by ignoring their racial

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Remembering Harley Brown and Larry Wine

My sincere sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Harley Brown, a friend of mine whom I knew in Burnsville and who was a resident of Buckhannon. Very recently, I have seen him at the First Baptist Church for their second Tuesday of the mo

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The President Who Can Paint

There are few things so depressing as a politician in retirement. Once at the center of power, they often struggle to find a new role in society as a private citizen. Among the ways they seek to ameliorate the boredom of their leisure time are engaging i

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Gas Companies Parade Benefits, Ignore Consequences

Editor: If you read the big city WV newspapers you could not fail to be aware of the opinion pieces that have been published by Anne E. Blankenship. You would think the oil and gas industry was a charity providing jobs, industrial development and free

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Open Letter to Congressman Mooney

Dear Congressman Mooney, My name is Tim Higgins; I live in southern Upshur County, West Virginia. I write to you today concerning a March 2017 flyer from your office titled “Supporting and Protecting West Virginia Jobs”. After reading through the info

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Economic Bubbles are Bursting

Editor: Some people who predicted the bursting of economic bubbles in the past say we are in for a depression from massive government borrowing and money printing. They say it is inevitable; however, they say that if we end the massive borrowing and p

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The Benefits of a Compost Pile

Every gardener should have a compost pile. There are so many benefits from composting that it just makes sense to do it. Composting is nothing more than decomposition of organic matter and it can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It is an ex

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Don’t Think it Can’t Happen Here

My ride along began at 8 a.m., last Thursday, with Lewis County Deputy Jeb Tonkin. Tonkin has been with the sheriff’s office for three years. The morning was low-key, but I did witness two traffic stops. I also got to see parts of Lewis County I’d never

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Speak Out for Education

Governor Jim Justice said in his inaugural address on Jan. 16 that he has a plan to cut bureaucracy in education. This sounds wonderful in theory, but does he have the follow through to put it into practice?

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The Penny Tax

To help everyone understand the proposed sales tax and the realization of its importance, I wanted to provide some facts about it. First, what does it cover or more importantly what is exempt. There are over 21 categories of purchases and business items

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Brewing Season Quickly Approaches

For cow herds in the area that calve in the spring, which is most of them, we are quickly approaching breeding season. This means we are also in bull selection season. The importance of bull selection to a herd can not be over emphasized. For several

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One Percent Sales and Services Tax

I have already written a column on the proposed one percent City of Weston Sales Tax, but I think it would do some good to write another, simply because the public hearing is approaching. My stance on the tax falls somewhere in between opposition and sup

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My Tour Through TALA

Most of us drive or walk past the Trans-Alleghney Lunatic Asylum (TALA) every day. We probably do not give it a thought, or if we do, it’s fleeting. The building is so much a part of Weston’s landscape that we are all used to it being here.

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    If you were to ask lawyers to name who in the twentieth century should have been appointed to the United States Supreme Court, but missed the prize, three names are likely to consistently appear: Henry Friendly, Learned Hand, and Richard Posner. The fir

  • Children's Role in Sabbath

    On a recent Sabbath the Buckhannon Seventh-day Adventist Church was honored with a visit from several students and some of the faculty of Highland Adventist School (HAS) of Elkins, WV. One of the teachers, Lewis Stanton, presented the message of the day

  • Why Not?

    “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask, ‘Why?’ I dream of things that never were, and ask, ‘Why not? ‘” This is a paraphrase from Back to Methuselah by George Bernard Shaw. Though it is often believed to have been coined by Robert K

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    Several Weston Democrat staff were asked to judge the Young Writers competition for the Lewis County School System.

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    I called Jerry Koon last night and found out he had been in the hospital several days! Say an extra prayer for him. He is home now. They just celebrated his mother’s 100th birthday. Everyone could send her a card so she can get at least 100 of them. I