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Pasture walk will cover various topics

There will be a pasture walk Thursday, June 29, in southern Harrison County at the Bill Suan Farm, starting at 6 p.m. Topics to be discussed include weed control in pasture fields, grazing management principles and conservation practices installed on th

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America’s New Civil War: Discourse

American society is fighting a new civil war in grocery stores, on social media and in the news. Attempts to engage in civil discourse these days often result in personal attacks containing scathing remarks aimed at obliterating the opponent. A simple s

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Republicans caused Giffords’ shooting, but Democrats didn’t cause Scalise’s shooting?

On June 14, Rep. Steve Scalise was shot in Alexandria, Virginia, during a congressional republican baseball practice. The gunman was identified as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, who was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter and was reportedly distraught over Pres

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On the needed Exit 99 reconfiguration and using fireworks with thoughtfulness

When I obtained my learner’s permit and my parents were teaching me how to drive, I remember one of their very first warnings to me: try to avoid using the Interstate 79, Exit 99, interchange—and if you must use it, be extra cautious as traffic enters and

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The American Health Care Act

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) is being hashed out behind closed doors. The House recently passed a version of it that has left a bad taste in the mouths of many. It is now in the Senate Budget Committee, which is apparently being advised by the Sena

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The useful electric fence

Although the electric fence has been around for many years, developments in fencing over the past 20 years or so have made it even more popular and useful. High tensile electric is cheaper to build than standard woven wire or barb wire fences, partly bec

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Telling it like it is

Back in 1993, I visited the billion-dollar Trump Taj Majal casino in Atlantic City. Its glitz and glamour intrigued and intimidated that naïve, 20-something girl. Huge, marble bathrooms and corridors, complete with shiny gold-rimmed mirrors and giant cha

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Re: Ben Hardesty’s presentation to Weston Rotary Club

Ben Hardesty’s talk to Rotary seriously needs a rebuttal. Fracking and pipelines are not a solution to West Virginia’s problems, but a continuation of the economic processes,which have brought us to our present condition. The extraction industry has been

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Corruption Alert Part 3: Bully Budget Means No Money for Your Kids

I met Andy shortly after getting my teaching degree. I had been subbing in Upshur County and received a call from the Special Education Director offering a job working one-on-one with a student moving to West Virginia from Florida.

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Honoring Truth on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, I thought about the 2003 March for Peace. We stood in 3 feet of snow at an old farmhouse on a 10-below-zero Maine winter day, right before threat of weapons of mass destruction prompted more war in the Middle East. I had joined a group

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Invasive Knotweeds

Invasive knotweeds were introduced to the United States as ornamentals from Asia in the late 1800s. Although these knotweeds are collectively referred to as Japanese knotweed, there are two parent species and a third hybrid widespread in West Virginia.

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Come Relay with us

I would like to take the time to talk this week about the upcoming Relay for Life of Lewis County. In the last few months, I started my own Relay for Life team, The Scoop Squad, at the paper and have attended team meetings monthly for our Relay.

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Additional Articles

  • West Virginian

    Can I just say, I love West Virginia? In a lot of ways I feel very privileged to have grown up here. I think my childhood is one that would be envious to anyone around the country or around the world. I grew up with two doting parents on a farm in Upshur

  • Peyton’s Pet Show

    I attended Peyton’s Pet Show and Blessing last Sunday at Willow Creek Park in Weston. It was great for me, because I love animals, and also because I talked to Peyton, who is the type of person we should all want to be. Peyton’s mom, Brianne, told me t

  • The importance of voting

    Last week, Jane Lew held their town election, which was an interesting election to witness, for many reasons.

  • Memories

    Memory! Growing older has seemed to erode my memory more and more. I can remember things from my childhood, like a poem my mom modified for me.