Young girl makes a big difference

Kyrston Lipps is determined Lewis County children don’t get cold this winter. She is placing hats and gloves all around Weston for people to grab if they need it.
Kyrston got the idea from her friend in West Milford who was trying to get people there to do the same thing in parts of Harrison County, and now the good deed is in Weston and Jane Lew. Kyrston’s mother, Nancy Lipps, said another family is helping in Jane Lew, while Kyrston is only doing Weston.
So far, Kyrston has placed 26 bags all over town, with 100 as her goal. She is in need of 74 more.  Donations of gloves and hats can be dropped off at The Weston Democrat. Lipps said they are having trouble locating boys hats.
Kyrston, a girl with a big heart, is also going to go into Shadybrook to hang bags.
Lipps said they are trying to hit places where people can walk to get them. The bags are attached to poles and written on them is whether they are for girls or boys.

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