Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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Myself and members of our staff have been composing Lewis County’s first ever Fact Book. What is a Fact Book you might ask? Well, a Fact Book contains information about places and events here in Lewis County.
While getting this book ready, my editor and I were talking about all the good things Lewis County has and is. What a truly great place we live in! So why, when I’m out and about, is there all this negativity?
Lewis County, and all that is within its borders, could be even better. This is nothing new that we don’t already know. Building on all that we have here already is key to the county’s prosperity.
I am not belittling anyone’s feelings, because they are valid. It’s not for me or anyone else to say they are not. With all that said, it is not lost on me that Lewis County cannot and will not move forward as long as we keep attacking each other.
This negativity must be put to rest. Our swords have to be turned to plowshares so we can bring this county to its full potential. As long as we keep attacking each other, nothing will change. It’s not a matter of who is in an elected office or not, or at this point, who did what to whom.
We just have to stop it right now and leave this in the past and move forward.
We all have the same goal—to make Lewis County even better. Currently, the means do not and will not justify the end. At this rate, we’ll never see the end if we don’t start playing on the same team.

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