Weston revises city budget

The Weston City Council motioned to approve revisions made to the yearly budget during the Nov. 5 meeting. According to city finance manager Dodie Arbogast the city is on track to receive an additional $278,000 in additional revenue than they originally expected.
“This is primarily because of the sales tax,” Arbogast told council. “We’re expecting $265,000 more in city sales tax and an additional $13,000 in municipal fees. The increase in revenue is expected to be $278,000 over from when the budget was provided last March.”
According to Arbogast, majority of the additional revenue comes from the newly implemented one percent sales tax that went into effect the beginning of the year. The revised revenue amount expected from the sales tax is now $505,000.
Revisions made to the budget include additional amounts of $184,700 for street and transportation, $25,000 for beautification programs, $6,300 for the city auditor, and $15,000 for the city attorney.  
Revisions were also made to add funds to accounts not previously allotted in the city budget. The planning and zoning account will receive $45,000, and an account for acquisition of property will receive $2,000.
Also during Monday’s meeting, council motioned to table the establishment of a storm water fund. According to Arbogast an account is already set up at Citizen’s Bank, and they just need to establish the fund on the city’s books.
“This all came about because we had a meeting about the storm water situation because with the last flood there was a lot of drain issues,” Arbogast said. “We have a big issue with our storm water drains. They’re 60-70 years old, or perhaps even older.”
Weston Sanitary Board Director Dee Evans raised concerns during the discussion stating that the account has been audited for the sanitary board in previous years.
 “It’s been audited for the last four or five years on our side with the sanitary board since we’re the ones collecting the money,” Evans said.
A motion was made to table the discussion until both the city finance manager and sanitary board could speak with the state auditor.
The first reading of the amended business license ordinance also occurred during the council’s meeting. Arbogast told council that currently any company that does business in Weston is required to have an annual business license that is renewed by Jan. 1 of every year.
With the revisions made to this ordinance, businesses will be granted a permanent city business license. The permanent license will only need to be renewed if the legal name, location, or ownership of the business changes.
More details about this meeting will be published at a later date pending investigation by the Weston Democrat.
In other business, council also:
- Accepted Jacob Culver’s resignation as Public Works Director and approved to reassign Culver as the Street Department Supervisor.
- Approved to appoint Bryan Reed as the Interim Street Commissioner.
- Approved a one time incentive pay for city employees. The city will pay $50 for every six months of service to full time employees, with a maximum of $200.
- Approved the Weston Sewer Bond Ordinance after the third and final reading, as well as a public comment hearing.
- Approved to have free parking on Main Street, from 1st Street to 3rd Street, beginning Nov. 23 to Dec. 31.
- Approved to advertise for a vehicle maintenance contract.

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