Weston Neighborhood Watch Learns about Personal Safety

Lewis County Deputy Jeb Tonkin spoke to to the Weston Central Neighborhood Watch about self defense and different ways to deter situations where you will need self defensive tactics.
Tonkin said that the number one rule in defensive tactics is to not put yourself in a situation where you could get hurt.
“Don’t walk down a dark alley alone or fumble around looking for keys in the dark,” said Tonkin.
Tonkin explained to the group that you should put distance between yourself and a potential attacker. Another tip Tonkin gave to the group is to keep your cellphone close or in hand if you are alone.
Tonkin instructs Brazilian Jui-Jitsu at his gym Ground Zero located in Horner in Lewis County. Adult classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m.
Tonkin is also part of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Departments SWAT team and teaches defensive tactics to SWAT team member during their monthly training. However, most of the SWAT team members train with Tonkin on a semi-regular basis.
In other news, Sergeant Carpenter with the WV State Police said the Lewis County branch is short staffed currently. However, there will be no cadet classes until 2018 or 2020.
Carpenter encouraged the group to keep track of the elderly family member and neighbors, due to scamming schemes involving fake IRS agents.
“Don’t believe the phone numbers on the caller ID, because those can be changed to say whatever the caller wants,” said Carpenter.
Weston NH Watch decided to participate in the fourth of July Parade and pass out flyers for National Night Out.
The next meeting of Weston Neighborhood Watch will be April 18, at 6:30 p.m., at the Weston Fire Department.

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