Weston Man Sentenced in Felony Endangerment With Firearm

Lewis County Circuit Court convened Friday and Monday to hear various cases, including a sentencing in a case involving a firearm.
Roger Lee Clem II, 30, of Weston, was sentenced to five years in prison on a charge of wanton endangerment with a firearm. He pleaded guilty to the offense July 31.
Clem’s attorney, Zachary Dyer, argued for an alternative sentencing, citing this was Clem’s first felony conviction, and he has been clean while in prison awaiting sentencing.
Dyer asked for two-five years home confinement in lieu of a prison term.
Judge Jacob Reger cited Clem’s domestic assault and destruction of property convictions, where he still owes $320 in restitution, and other charges in recent history.
Reger denied the motion for alternative sentencing, but gave Clem 189 days credit for time served. He must also pay court costs within two years of his sentencing date.
In an unrelated case, Sam Grogg, 53, of Weston, was sentenced to probation for five years on a felony possession with intent to deliver marijuana charge.
Grogg pleaded guilty to the charge on July 31. A pre-sentence investigation was performed, with the findings showing he has had no prior convictions, and has been cooperative throughout the entire case, according to his attorney, Brian Bailey.
Grogg apologized to the court and the state for his crime, and the prosecution had no objections to alternative sentencing.
Grogg was ordered to pay $360 in restitution, and continue with the Community Corrections Program, until he completes it. He must also pay attorney’s fees up to $500.
Brian Bevans, 28, of Weston, appeared on a bond revocation. Bevans was previously indicted on one count of fleeing in a vehicle with reckless indifference, a felony, one count of reckless driving, a misdemeanor, one count of driving while license suspended, first offense, a misdemeanor, and one count of assault on a government representative, a misdemeanor.
Bevans has been out on bond, but admitted to five separate instances of testing positive for oxycodone, which violates the terms of his bail.
Bevans told the court he had made an appointment with the Summit Center to seek help.
Judge Kurt Hall told Bevans he would take the bond revocation under advisement, which allows Hall to revoke his bail at any time. Hall did not revoke his bail Monday, but is giving him another chance.
Charles Masters, 43, of Burnsville, did not appear in court for his scheduled his bond revocation hearing.
Masters was charged with fleeing from officers with reckless indifference and possession with intent to manufacture and deliver a Schedule I or II substance. A capias warrant was issued for his arrest.
Franklin James Pennington II, 25, of Valley Bend, was found in violation of his bond, and was sentenced to jail for 10 days. then will return to bail. Pennington was charged with the manufacture, delivery, and possession with intent to manufacture and deliver a Schedule I or II substance.

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