Weston Man Attempts Robbery at Sutton Inn

Clerk Draws Gun, Man Flees

Austin J. Lodge, 24, of Weston, allegedly attempted to rob Sutton Inn, located in Clarksburg, when a desk clerk took matters into his own hands and disrupted the attempted act by pulling a firearm on the defendant.
According to the complaint, Lodge went to the Sutton Inn around 2 a.m., Wednesday, May 3, in a black hoodie, earrings and jeans with sequins, and he covered his face with his hands.
The defendant allegedly stated “don’t make me pull my piece”, then demanded money that was in the drawer.
The clerk working the desk then pulled a firearm and the defendant got away without any valuables. The clerk then advised police that Lodge had traveled on foot in the direction of Kroger.
Officers found a man at the Sleep Inn, who matched the clerk’s description. The clerk was able to positively identify him.
Lodge now faces the charge of first degree robbery in
Harrison County, which carries a sentencing of no less than 10 years incarceration, if

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