Weston Gets $10,000 Grant for Study on Columbia Club

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Weston received a $10,000 grant from WV Culture and History, which will allow for a study to be completed on the Columbia Club, which will allow the City and Better Building Committee to find out how to best repair the building without damaging surrounding property or causing mass erosion.
Mayor Julia Spelsberg and Luke Elser from Northern WV Brownfields Assistance Center at West Virginia University, wrote the grant for this study.
Elser has been asssisting the Better Buildings Committee for several years now.
Building Inspector Bryan Reen and Interim City Manager Kristin Droppleman will accept the grant in Charleston and gain knowledge on the grant the City received according to Spelsberg.
Spelsberg also said that the City Council members have expressed interest in taking ownership of the Columbia Club, if that becomes necessary.
At the last Weston City Council meeting, council members voted to designate the Columbia Club as a blighted area.
In other news, Weston has acquired another piece of property on Arnold Street, from an individual who purchased it at auction.
Bruce Adler, Lewis County resident, spoke to the Better Buildings committee about the upcoming bicentennial of Weston. Adler is currently working with various groups to plan events for next year’s anniversary, which will span throughout the entire year.
Adler is seeking volunteer and anyone interested in helping plan the event.
“This is our community, lets be proud of it,” said Adler.
The group is also working on a letter template which will be mailed to property owners of abandoned and dilapidated buildings, to urge these people to fix the home, demolish it, auction it or gift the property to the City. The letter contains information and contact information, which may help property owners who have had trouble keeping up their properties.
Weston Better Buildings Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month, at 6 p.m., at the Weston Fire Department.

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