Weston Fire Department Rescues Dog From Rocky Situation

The Weston Fire Department had a heartwarming rescue Thursday, Jan. 19, when the Bowyer’s family dog, Shadow, ran off.
The family looked for the dog even after darkness fell and they couldn’t see anymore.
They called 911 at about 9:30 p.m., and the call was handled by the fire department and animal control. The family used a flashlight and saw the reflection in Shadow’s eyes.
The fire department used a truck and parked at the base of the hill and rode with the owner to the top of the hill.
Firefighter Michael James got to a flat about 10-15 feet up and stabilized himself, got the dog catcher’s leash and pulled Shadow to him and then handed him off to other firefighters.
Michael, Keith Talbert, Chris Rogers, Josh Watson and Hunter Barrett all helped in the rescue of Shadow.
The family was so appreciative of the fire department’s efforts, they brought a cake to the department Thursday, Jan. 26. It featured the group’s picture.
Shadow’s mom, Kelly Bowyer, said in a post after the dog’s rescue,
“I am beyond grateful to them all. It was a dark treacherous wet dripping muddy cliff with my terrified [dog] clinging to a small ledge. Unable in the dark to find a way to the top of the high wall to repel down they began a tedious trek up the rock face.
This caused huge chunks of mud and rocks to tumble down endangering those below. But they just calmly kept telling me it would be okay. That they would get him.
That they were not going to leave him out there. The teamwork they exercised in eventually plucking him from that precipice and in handing him down one to the other in strength but gentleness was just amazing.
Weston should be so proud of the caliber of the men who serve their community. If they give this type of support to a dog owner how extraordinary they must respond in any emergency. God Bless and Keep them all. Thank-you, gentleman!”

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