Weston Council makes changes to Municipal Fee wording

Weston City Council held a special session of council Tuesday, July 24, where it approved three changes to code surrounding the City Municipal fees.
The first change approved by council was doing away with the Municipal Fees Appeal Board.  
City Finance Manager Dodie Arbogast said that the appeals board was never used, and that her research into state code indicated that the city was not required to have an appeals board. Arbogast added that because the board was never used she felt that there was no need for it.
The second change approved by council was to clarify that the term “Non-owner Occupied Building” means that the property is not the owner’s primary residence.  
The third change creates a process by which the City of Weston can file liens against the property of those who do not pay their municipal fees without using magistrate court.  
Arbogast explained the process which required the city send the property owner a certified letter with a read receipt, and allow the owner 90 days in which to pay delinquent taxes before the liens are filed.  Arbogast added that in the past by going to magistrate court to force property owners to pay had “overwhelmed” the magistrate court.
Council voted 3-0 to approve the changes, Councilman Richard Flanigan was absent.

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