Weston City Council approves street repairs

Weston City Council unanimously approved a bid for the repair of two slips on Minden Street during the monthly council meeting held Monday, June 4, at the Weston Fire Department.
The council voted to accept WVContracting LLC’s bid of $80,600 to fix two slips that render parts of Minden Street unusable, after a brief discussion. Council chose the WV Contracting LLC bid over another bid for the amount of $106,000.
Weston Financial Manager Dodie Arbogast noted that fixing Minden Street would allow emergency vehicles access to the that area of town when the Polk Creek bridge project begins, saving the city the cost of buying and/or maintaining a short term right-of-way near Weatherford on North River Avenue.
Earlier in the meeting Arbogast informed the council that the she had spoke with Chad Boram at the West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) about the Polk Creek bridge and was informed by Boram that the bridge would not be completed this year due to the number of projects WVDOH has in the works.
Weston resident Junior Kelly took the Street Department to task during the public comment section of the meeting for what Kelly characterized as unfulfilled promises in regard to the care of a cemetery on Arnold Street.
Kelly said that the cemetery had not been cut by the city this year or last year, when Street Department Head Jacob Culver interjected to say that the department had cut it this year. After a brief exchange Mayor Julia Spelsberg calmed the situation by telling Culver to allow Kelly to speak.
“I don’t see how you all are doing much of nothing,” Kelly said of the department noting that he had offered to “let them off the hook” for the care of the cemetery  by offering to mow it if the Street Department would take care of the brush afterward, which Kelly said they had not. Culver again tried to interject and Councilman John Wyllie instructed Culver to allow Kelly to speak.  
Kelly then said he would do everything he could for the care of the cemetery, but noted that he would require some help, and lamented what he said were repeated promises of help that were never delivered upon.  
Council also took the following actions:
Tabled a plan to place a stop sign at the intersection of Center Avenue and Fifth Street.
Voted 4-0 to formally adopted a cell phone policy for city workers.
Voted 4-0 to to approve a proclamation on the National Day of Prayer.

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