Varsity Patriots Suffer Crushing Loss at Home

The Robert L. Bland Middle School Varsity Patriots suffered a defeat at home, last Tuesday night against Bridgeport Middle, with an ending score of 25-53.
Bridgeport started off with a strong lead that the Patriots were never able to recover from, giving Bridgeport a starting run with 18 points in their first shooting streak.
No. 12 Hunter Davisson, got the Patriots on the board with a three-point shot, bringing the score to 3-18. Bridgeport match Davisson’s three-pointer, with one of their own not long after.
No. 33 Brayden Kennedy managed to get a two-point shot in, with an assist from Davisson, bringing the score to 5-21. Before the quarter’s end, Bridgeport sunk another three-pointer, bringing the score at the quarter to 5-24.
Bridgeport started the scoring off in the second quarter, however No. 42 Grant Mealey hit a shooting streak, gaining his team a total of five points in a row.
Bridgeport then took the ball, gaining six points of their own, leaving the score at the half 10-32.
Bridgeport once again started the scoring off in the third quarter, but the Patriots kept trucking, with Davisson sinking a free-throw, bringing the score up to 11-35, then later on in the quarter made a great three-point shot. At the end of the third quarter the score was 14-43.
In quarter four, Bridgeport started off with two two-point shots, followed by a foul shot by Mealey. Bridgeport then shot two more baskets.
Davisson managed to sink two more three-point shots in the game, with No. 21 Ethan Smith adding a foul shot, which was his first point of the game and in the last seconds of the game Smith pulled out a stunning three-pointer.
The Patriots ended the game 25-53.
Scores by quarter:
Patriots: 5-5-4-11 total 25
Bridgeport: 24-8—11-10 total 53
Stats: Hunter Davisson: 3-0-4-6, Brayden Kennedy: 2-0-0-0, Grant Mealey: 0-5-0-1, Ethan Smith: 0-0-0-4

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