Unofficial Lewis County Totals for General Election detailed

Five thousand six hundred forty-five votes were cast in Lewis County, and Lewis County Commissioner Agnes Queen will retain her seat, beating opponent Steve Shriver in the Nov. 6 General Election.
Queen received 3,221 votes and 58.21 percent, and Shriver received 2,304 votes and 41.64 percent. There were eight write-in votes.
U.S. Senator candidate Patrick Morrisey (REP) received 51.58 percent of the vote, with 2,867 votes. Incumbent Joseph Manchin, III received 41.67 of the vote, with 2,316 votes. Libertarian Rusty Hollen received 373 votes, and there were two write-in votes.
Alex Mooney (REP), running for U.S. House of Representatives, held on to his seat, with 60.55 percent of the vote, with 3,300 votes. Opponent Talley Sargent (DEM) received 1,987 votes, which is 36.46 percent of the vote. Mountain Party candidate, Daniel "Danny" Lutz received 2.94 percent of the vote, with 160 votes. There were three write-in votes.
Democrat Mike Romano gained 50.45 percent of the vote, with 2,761 votes. Opponent Waymond Cork, II (REP) received 2,706 votes, 49.44 percent. There were six write-in votes.
House of Delegates for the 46th District incumbent Patrick Martin (REP) received 3,315 votes, 59.87 percent. Democrat Robert "Bob" Stultz received 2,215 votes, 40 percent. There were seven write-in votes.
There were 2,995 votes in favor of Amendment One, 55.36 percent. There were 2,415 votes against the amendment, 44.64 percent.
There were 3,637 votes in favor of Amendment Two, 71.02 percent, and 1,484 votes against, 28.98 percent.
WV Supreme Court of Appeals Division Two-Special General votes are as follows:
Harry "Bo" Bruner, Jr. 402, 8.29 percent; Chris Wilkes 339, 6.99 percent; Tim Armstead 1,512, 31.18 percent; Joanna Tabit 1,117, 23.03 percent; Mark Hunt 553, 11.4 percent; Hiram "Buck" Lewis, IV 323, 6.66 percent; Robert Carlton 96, 1.98 percent; Ronald Hatfield, Jr. 240, 4.95 percent; D.C. Offutt, Jr. 65, 1.34 percent; Jeff Woods 184, 3.79 percent. There were 19 write-in votes.
WV Supreme Court of Appeals Division Two-Special General votes are as follows: Evan Jenkins 1,881, 38.95 percent; Jim O'Brien 321, 6.65 percent; William Stewart Thompson 249, 5.16 percent; Marty "Redshoes" Sheehan 195, 4.04 percent; Jeffrey Kessler 448, 9.28 percent; Dennise Renee Smith 679, 14.06 percent; Jim Douglas 539, 11.16 percent; Brenden Long 151, 3.13 percent; William Schwartz 89, 1.84 percent; Robert J. Frank 263, 5.45 percent. There were 14 write-in votes.
State totals for U.S. Senate were Manchin 288,808, 49.5 percent; Morrisey 269,872, 46.3 percent; Hollen 24,231, 4.2 percent. For U.S. House of Representatives Mooney 109,018, 54 percent; Sargent 86,678, 42.9 percent; Lutz 6,213, 3.1 percent. 46th District House of Delegates Martin, 3,880, 61.49 percent; Stultz 2,430, 38.51 percent; State Senator Romano 18,684, 54.45 percent; Cork 15,633, 45.55 percent. Amendment One FOR 295,536, AGAINST 275,748. Amendment Two FOR 386,272, AGAINST 147,594.

Canvassing of votes will begin Nov. 13. These only represent Lewis County voters, and are unofficial until canvassing is completed, and votes are turned in to the WV Secretary of State Office.

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