Town Council Tackles Issues at Jane Lew Park

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While there were multiple issues discussed at Jane Lew’s Town Council meeting, the Jane Lew Park and a multitude of issues, were the primary focus of the meeting.
In recent and past meetings, problems were identified by both council members and citizens, regarding where the property lines are for the Jane Lew Park.
Mayor Ruth Straley suggested acquiring a survey of the park, which would allow council members to know the exact property lines, and would enable them to know what they are responsible for.
The council approved this act, and they also suggested a survey for the Jane Lew Public Service District building, which was traded to the Town of Jane Lew for the former PSD building.
“This needs done for the legality,” said Councilman Tom Frazier.
The council approved repairs, signage and handgrips for the outdoor senior/adult fitness area. Some of the handgrips on the equipment and signage was damaged and the council decided to replace the items. Councilwoman Phyllis Hinterer said that with grants that the equipment needs to maintained to stay compliant.
The council also addressed the issue with children using the equipment and how this could potentially be a liability for the town. Council will also be considering more signage that will clarify to the public who can use the equipment.
“We would love to see the elderly really utilize the equipment at the park,” said Mayor Ruth Straley.
Council also approved purchase of more mulch for the outdoor fitness equipment at the park, but are looking at a more permanent alternative to resolve the issue of using mulch so often, whether that be rubber mulch or rubber matting material.
The council approved the installation of new electrical outlets from the scoreboard, which will enable more vendors to setup throughout the field during Labor Day activities, and allow other groups who use the park to utilize more space. The bid on the project was $4,250, but the council said that the work must be complete by Aug. 25.
“My goal is to efficiently use the space that we have,” said Hinterer.
The council is also considering the installation or upgrade of the current security camera system at the park. The council identified several places where security cameras need placed to help better control vandalism and other crimes at the park.
Straley also spoke with Sheriff Adam Gissy about more patrols and how to enforce park rules. According to Straley, Gissy said there needs to be clear, visible park rules—backed up with an ordinance—at the entrance to the park, which would allow deputies to enforce those ordinances.
In other news, Straley asked the council if they would like to change meetings to twice monthly, rather than one long meeting per month.
Recorder Debra West said that according to the town ordinances, it is set at the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m., and that the ordinance would have to change, if they were to pursue this.
Hinterer said that she had no objection to this, but worried that some months they would not have enough content to have two meetings, then the ordinance would need changed again.
The consensus of the council was to just approve a special meeting, when there were many topics to discuss, to help with not having such lengthy meetings.
In other news, the council also will write a letter to the landlords of two properties on Main Street, which have two trash receptacles left on the sidewalk all week. According to the town ordinance residents must remove their receptacle, the same day as the trash pick-up runs.
The council also discussed a nuisance lot, which has been abandoned. The council members said that the lot has multiple “junk” vehicles, in the town’s limits and the property has been abandoned.
Straley called multiple government agencies, and learned that if something needs done with the property the council will have to be the ones to take action.
Straley said the council needs to first check the ordinances to find out if the cars are in violation. If they are, fines should be issued.
If fines are not paid and the vehicles are not removed, the town will have to appoint a municipal judge, who would then place more fines on the property owner.
If not paid, the town can take legal action to acquire the property, remove the vehicles and demolish the structure.
Council members will be looking into different grants and organizations that might be able to assist or guide them on this matter.
The next meeting of the Jane Lew Town Council will be held on Aug. 15, at 7 p.m., at Town Hall.

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