Thoughts about the Lewis County Fact Book


Many thanks to all responsible for the publication of our Lewis County Fact Book! It is truly a gift to all readers of The Weston Democrat newspaper in this county and to others who have moved away.
It is a treasure of vital information that we can access easily, and well-organized with wonderful photos of places and people who serve us in many ways. Thank you all for the hours spent making our world a nicer place and helping us cope with the constant changes we meet daily.
We are fortunate to live in a small town that sometimes has challenges that require assistance of knowledgeable caring folk with practical ideas, such as the Fact Book! It has become a useful tool for navigating local government and helpful organizations in our county. We are blessed with cemeteries, churches, restaurants, health agencies, and a newspaper staff that brings it all together in living color for our benefit. What a wonderful way to say, “Welcome to Lewis County.”
A quick glance through this small book gives visitors enough information to make them comfortable and enough charm to make us proud to be residents of this historic, and friendly town and surrounding countryside that is Lewis County. During our Bicentennial celebrations this year, the Fact Book represents our past, our present, and our dreams for the future.

Jeannette Worley-Lester

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