TALA and Sharpe Partner to Memorialize Patients from the State Hospital

Members of the staff from William R. Sharpe Jr., Hospital and from the Trans-Allegney Lunatic Asylum (TALA) worked together to create a memorial service to recognize those who lost their lives, while being cared for at the former State Hospital.
Organizer and Volunteer Services Coordinator Krista Adkins welcome everyone in attendance to the event.
Prior to the event 4,000 American Flags were place to mark the lives of those who passed away at the former hospital. The flags were places at the three cemeteries to remember those patients.
Pat Ryan, Sharpe Hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said that they hope to be able to eventually partner with TALA in created new grave markers for each individual who died at the old hospital.
“It reminds me of the history of Weston being here [at TALA]. We are so glad of the Jordans to partner with us and commemorate this event,” said Ryan.
“This makes us proud of our history and we want to make sure everyone knows these peoples names,” he said.
Rebecca Jordan Gleason took attendees from the main building at TALA to the second cemetery, where the memorial ceremony was held. Along the way she noted all the different buildings along the grounds at TALA and explained what each was used for in previous days.
“We are so happy that we are able to partner with Sharpe, and we hope that we will be able to keep honoring the patients who once resided here,” said Gleason.
Adkins said that she hopes to make the event an annual event to remember those patients who lost their lives here and also to put a spotlight on mental health awareness month which is May.

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