Sutton man arrested for attempted murder

A Sutton man was arrested following an incident that happened on Wildcat Road on Sept. 4. Thomas J. Shaw, 36, of Sutton, was arrested and charged with three felonies consisting of attempted murder, malicious assault on a government official, and attempt to disarm an officer.
Shaw was also charged with five misdemeanors, two for battery on a government official, two for obstructing, and one charge for fleeing on foot.
According to the criminal complaint, members of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to Bablin-Ingo Road in response to a complaint of a suspicious person attempting to break into a vehicle. Once officers arrived at 2:30 a.m. they spotted Shaw standing in the middle of Wildcat Road, at which point the suspect began to flee on foot, the criminal complaint states.
The arresting officer, J. S. Carey, then tackled Shaw to the ground, resulting in Carey falling off the side of the road and down into a creek.
After Shaw began to flee a second time, he was again tackled, this time by Deputy Z. M. Lopez, and both the suspect and deputy also fell into the creek.
According to the complaint, Shaw then began pushing Lopez’s face into the water in an attempt to drown him, as well as trying to disarm him of his duty weapon.
The suspect then grabbed a rock and struck Lopez in the face. The complaint states that at this point, both officers began to use defensive strikes to the body and face of Shaw in an attempt to subdue him.
At this time the caller of the 911 report arrived and helped assist the officers in apprehending the suspect, the complaint continues.
After a long struggle, the officers were finally able to place Shaw in handcuffs, and once EMS arrived on scene, Shaw was then transported to Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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