Southern States celebrates addition of Purina products

City and county officials, along with members of the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce, and a representative for United States Congressman Alex Mooney gathered at Southern States on Friday, Dec. 1,  to celebrate Purina adding to the lines of animal feeds the store offered.
Southern States manager Kevin Britton said that the store began selling Purina animal feeds starting Oct. 1, he went on to note that Purina would not be replacing Southern States brand feeds, which the store has offered for nearly 60 years, at the store, but would just give consumers more choice.  
“It’s an opportunity to have more products that we haven’t had in the past,” Britton said.  
At a brief ceremony following the ribbon cutting Lewis County Commissioner Agnes Queen congratulated the store and said how proud the commission was of the store.  She also wished the store another 60 years.  
County Commissioner Rod Wyman echoed Queen’s statement, adding, “Promoting businesses is our number one priority.”  
Weston Mayor Julia Spelsberg also congratulated the store before going on to praise the quality of the trees that the city purchased from the store in the past.  She also stress the importance of shopping local.  
Purina representative Larry Love also spoke briefly giving a few details of on the Purina product line highlighting the fact that Purina sources all of the ingredients in their products from North American sources.

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