Snow Packets for students will save on make-up days

Winter is coming and with it,  the chances of school closures could increase. When several days are missed due to inclement weather, those days then have to be made up within the school calendar year.
Lewis County Schools is developing snow packets for students, which will take the place of up to five make up days. These snow packets will contain five days worth of work, concentrating on four core areas of study; English, math, science, and social studies.
The snow packets are still awaiting
approval from the West Virginia Department of Education as of press time.
“We’ve looked at this from an academic standpoint,” Policy Director Chris Derico said. “Our idea is to emphasize fundamental skills needed at that student’s age level.”
The work load will vary depending on the class level, but packets will be provided for each grade level. Derico said they are also taking into consideration the potential lack of electric and internet access, so assignments will not require either of those.
Technology Coordinator Jeff Tidd will be communicating snow packet information through school newsletters, websites, and social media.
The work load will not encompass the entire day. All five packets will be sent home at the same time.
Derico added they will be looking at feedback from parents and students through principals.
According to the state policy, there must be 180 separate calendar days of instruction. By utilizing Snow Packets, this will help cut down on taking days away from spring break, and tacking days on to the end of the year, Derico said.

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