Shooting Incident Leads to Two Arrests

John D. Davisson, 26, of Alum Bridge was arrested and charged with wanton endangerment involving a firearm after a shooting incident on Lynn Avenue on Friday, Oct. 27.
According to the criminal complaint a member of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD) was dispatched to Lynn Avenue in response to a shots fired complaint.  
The officer stated that he
observed an open wound below the right eye of the victim.  
The complaint goes on to state that the victim claims that Davisson and a female had pulled into his driveway, at which time
Davisson exited the vehicle, yelled “Where’s my money,” pulled a pistol and struck the victim in the face with the pistol before firing the weapon.   
The officer states in the complaint that two witnesses corroborated the victims statement, and that he observed two spent 9 millimeter shell casings near the scene.
Davisson was taken into custody at the Quality Inn in Weston were police came into contact with his wife.  
After obtaining a search warrant, deputies allegedly found four small bags of “a white crystal substance, a substantial amount of small baggies, and a digital scale,” according tot he complaint.  
The complaint goes on to state that a field test showed the substance to be methamphetamine.  
Kasey R. Davisson, 29, of Buckhannon, was then taken into custody and charged with possession with intent to delivery methamphetamine.  
She was also charged with conspiracy after consenting to a search of her phone alleged revealed that she had conspired to facilitate drug buys.

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