Remembering Special Events

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Growing up in Weston, two special events always excited me, the first was the annual Christmas parade in downtown Weston. My sister Vicki and I would walk from the Haleville area to Main Street, where we would stand and wait our position in front of the old telephone office across from Stalnaker’s Electric.
The high school band and the junior high (now RLBMS) band would perform brilliantly with several Christmas renditions. Floats, fire trucks, dancing girls with batons and, of course, Santa Claus highlighted the evening. Who wouldn’t be excited about the holidays after watching the annual Christmas parade?
The second special event and my favorite was the two day 4th of July activities sponsored by the Weston Volunteer Fire Department. The water battles, carnival games, junk food, the crowd, friends and of course, the best fireworks display in West Virginia! Those were just a few of the highlights and activities at the Lewis County High School athletic field.
Boyfriends and girlfriends held hands and tried to be cool, of course we sat on the highest row of the bleachers to get the best view of everything going on. Back then the bleachers were packed, the faint of heart would put their hands over their ears, the OH’s and AH’s were louder than the fireworks dancing in the night sky.
This year H and M Motor Co. is pleased to be a primary sponsor of the WVFD’s 4th of July activities. Our sponsorship, and that of others, means admission to the great event is free. Make plans now to attend the 4th of July celebration this year at the RLBMS athletic field with your entire family. It is my hope that you and your family or special someone can create memories to last a lifetime.
From everyone at H and M Motors to everyone, enjoy, have fun, get a patriotic chill and God bless America. We’ll see you there!

Larry Haddix, Pres.
H and M Motor Co.

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