Re: the community of Freemansburg in “From Settlements to Lewis County”


The community was originally called Tobe Town, in honor of Reuben Kemper, whose nick name was “Tobe.”  Tobe was the former slave of Rev. R. Kemper, who owned a farm in the area.  The name of Tobe Town was officially changed to Freemansburg when the post office was established.  The source of the name of Freemansburg (and also Freemans Creek) is uncertain, but is presumed to have been named for an early explorer of the upper West Fork valley, Lieutenant Edward Freeman. (Source: A History of Lewis County, West Virginia, by Edward Smith; 1920.)
The Robinson Company, as pictured in the Democrat article of December 6, was a brand new general store and post office building, located in Freemansburg where Horse Run Road, Rush Run Road, and the main road into Freemansburg join.  The establishment, owned and operated by C.N. Robinson, was opened in 1902 and remained in operation until the 1940’s.
For more information, the book: At Home in Freemansburg, West Virginia, is available at the Hacker’s Creek Pioneer Descendant’s library in Horner, WV (304-269-7091).

Betty Robinson Sorrentino
San Luis Obispo, CA

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