Police Investigate Roshelle’s Antiques Break-In

The Weston City Police are investigating a break-in at Roshell’s Antiques and Collectables that took place on the night of Aug. 23.
The perpetrators gained access to the store by forcing entry according to Vicki Brown, a bookkeeper at the business who spoke on behalf of Enzo Cardelli, owner of Roshell’s Antiques and Collectables.
Brown said that several smaller items, including silver coins and tokens, and a pearl necklace and earring set were taken. Brown also noted that they had been there for 15 years with no problems.
Brown asked for the communities help in apprehending those responsible, asking anyone with information regarding the crime to contact law enforcement.
Brown also noted the business’s willingness to persevere saying, “We’re still going strong, and we’re going to continue.”    
The Weston City Police declined to comment on the on-going investigation.

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