Open letter about Dr. Sickles and other great staff

Ms. Spelsberg:

I have a few comments on both Dr. Sickles and his staff. I have commented before, as early as 2012, when I followed Dr. Sickles, after having had him perform surgery for an ACL tear in Clarksburg.
It was there that I learned to like and respect him as both an individual and a doctor.  After following him to Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, I found that not only was he still great, but his staff was as well. I wrote a letter at that time to Jeanie Hart, expressing my pleasure quite some time back and feel compelled to once again express my delight with Dr. Sickles and his staff.  
Not only is Dr. Sickles a great doctor, but also a caring and compassionate person. His Registered Nurse, Connie, is tremendously efficient and goes above and beyond to give a class act performance.
In addition, the professionalism and kindness begins when you first arrive there, with Monica. She and the other girls there are above reproach. Monica is sweet, kind, and caring, and the others are as well. I just know her better. The sum and substance of the above interactions are that the above people are second to none in their respective fields, and I am darned proud to be involved with them it goes without saying that I would be glad to make any further comments you would desire to hear. Thanks for the greatness.  

With Deepest Respect,
James C. (Jim) Jack

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