Newspaper Invites Community to Open House and Ribbon Cutting

To commemorate The Weston Democrat’s 150 years of service and dedication to the Lewis County community, The Lewis County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a ribbon-cutting.
In conjunction with the ribbon-cutting, the newspaper also will host an open house. The public is invited and encouraged to attend and will have an opportunity to meet the staff of the newspaper.
“I know I can speak for everyone in the office when I say that we’re all very excited and looking forward to this special event,” said Editor Melissa Toothman. “The newspaper has gone through many changes in the last year, and I think an open house, with our without the 150th anniversary, is a great way for the community to get to meet the staff.”
The event takes place at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 9, at The Weston Democrat office, located at 306 Main Avenue, in Weston.
“Our staff is very humbled by how much our local community has stepped up to help us make this a very special occasion,” Toothman said.
Due to limited parking at the business, the City of Weston agreed to allow free parking at metered locations downtown to accommodate guests to the event, and The Weston Fire Department has agreed to allow parking at their location for event guests.
If any nearby businesses also wish to allow the use of their parking areas for the event, they may call The Weston Democrat at 304-269-1600 or e-mail [email protected]
Light refreshments will be served. Mandy Jones of Jane Lew will be making cupcakes for the event. Hamburgers and hotdogs will be made by the Heater family of Bendale.
“The biggest dilemma we are facing at the moment is getting enough tables and chairs for our guests,” Toothman said. “Seating is limited inside the office, and we want everyone to be comfortable and visit us for a while. If anyone out there would like to allow us to borrow their folding tables and chairs to use in our driveway for additional seating, please contact us.”
Guests are welcome to come for tours of the historic home that houses the newspaper. Guests are free to walk about downstairs, and peruse the upstairs in limited numbers at a time.
Although its location is not its original home, the former residence that now houses the paper is packed full of history.
“It’s an absolutely beautiful place to work in,” Toothman said. “They don’t make them like they used to anymore. The architecture and woodwork is just stunning, and I get to be here every day.”
The Weston Democrat is among the oldest surviving businesses still in operation in Weston. Its longevity is credited to the support of its community, and of course, its staff throughout all those years.
“I look forward to its continued success,” Toothman said.

Due to early printing of our special anniversary section, The Weston Democrat was unable to include the following in a preview story about its open house and ribbon cutting at noon, on Aug. 9, at The Weston Democrat office.
In addition to the parking options mentioned in the story, which published on A1 in this
edition, Hope Point Baptist Church has agreed to allow the use of its parking for the event.
However, due to Vacation Bible School that evening, vehicles parking for the event must vacate the lot that afternoon to make room for VBS patrons.
By the time of publication, there could be additional agencies, organizations and individuals who step up to help.

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