New Year’s resolutions made

The Weston Democrat asked, and the community has spoken.
What is your New Year’s resolution?
“Sleep in my chair some more and learn to like the treats the postman brings me.”—Halligan
“Lose two inches around the waist.” — John Breen
“I don’t make any. It just sets me up for failure.”—Mitch Oldaker
“Get in better shape.” — Phyllis Corathers.
“To help those who still suffer from addiction. My passion and dream is to show those who are so lost and broken—like I myself was before for many years—that there is Hope! That they too can find freedom! Their chains can be broken! I broke free from my chains and can show others a way out!”—Stephani Stamper-Farley
“Expand my time with family and friends. Life is short and I want to be with those who care and who I care about!”—Betty Brown
“Set the bar low. Then, everything you do is a success.”—Kenny James
“Not to make any.”—Mike Franklin
“Work on finishing the novel I started five years ago, and create more artwork.” — Melissa Toothman.
“I am going to increase my daily workout routine, spend more time with family and friends, and achieve my professional goals.”—Sherry Rogers
“I want to live happily and healthily, and not have money issues.”—Terri Ryder
“I’m not making a resolution I can’t keep, but I wish for a cure for cancer, peace, harmony, and health for everyone.”—Donna Mills
“To quilt more than I did last year. I made or quilted 250 this year.”—Jimmy-Eve Prosser
“To pass my boards to become a nurse.”—Tiffany Blake-Tomey
“To get my life back on track and stop letting people get to me so much! Worry about me and not what people have to say about me.”—Dakoda Riffle
“Let go of everything from 2018 that no longer strengthens my soul and carry only happiness into 2019.”—Shannon Daugherty
“I don’t make them. I just roll with the flow.”—Tom Hall
“As always, to be a better mother.”—Carol Wright
“Spending more time with family and get more healthy.”—Carylon Lamb
“Pay it forward more in 2019.”—Billie Long
“To spend more time with my loved ones and lose weight.”—Margaret Mayo
“Finally get my half marathon time under three hours.”—Tasha Coulthart
“Mine is to read 75 books this year! In 2018, I have read 65 so far.”—Alli Clark
“To get back on my Keto diet and expand my business, Katie’s Sit and Stay Dog Training, as much as I can!”—Katie Lantz
“As always, to be a better mother.”—Carol Wright
“To be more thankful for what I have, less critical of myself and do more fun things with my family.”—Casey Barnett Rittenhouse
“Healthier, wealthier, and wiser!”—Karen Stover Sprouse
“Let go of everything from 2018 that no longer strengthens my soul and carry only happiness into 2019.”—Shannon Daugherty

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