New health initiative slated for Criss Manor

Randolph County Housing Authority, Weston Housing Authority, Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital, Lewis County Health Department, and the Lewis County Senior Center have teamed together to introduce Healthy Home to residents at Criss Manor in Weston.  
The Healthy Home Program is based on a successful “service-enriched housing model” called SASH that operates in Vermont (  Lewis County’s efforts closely follow the model established through the Randolph County Wellness Collaborative.
Healthy  Home is a free and voluntary program serving persons 55 and older and persons with disabilities.  
Healthy Home works with participants to meet health and wellness goals and makes connections to services so that participants can live healthier, longer lives in their own homes.
A Wellness Nurse will meet regularly with participants to help with Chronic Disease self-management, vital checks, and transitional care assistance.  
Both the Program Coordinator and Wellness Nurse will work with participants to create a Health Action Plan through preventative health care and service coordination, chronic disease self-management education and coaching, and transitional support after a hospital, nursing home, or short-term rehab facility stay.
Kristi Gannon, RN, CardioPulmonary Nurse Manager at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital remarked on the new initiation by expressing “We really care about the health and wellness of our Lewis County residents. We are excited to bring this program to Criss Manor and look forward to improving the quality of life of our community”.
The Lewis County Healthy Home Collaborative set out to create a program that uses affordable rental housing as the venue through which to promote self-efficacy and better coordinated care for its tenants, with a particular focus on the prevention and management of chronic health conditions, and avoidance of emergency hospitalizations.  
In the Healthy Home model, the apartment building becomes the hub for coordination of services and activities that contribute to resident self-sufficiency.  Regular screenings, health education sessions and case management take place right in the building.  
Outreach to primary care physicians is established when tenants enroll in the program and ongoing communication is maintained.  According to Kim Harrison, Lewis County Senior Center Assistant Director “This is a great opportunity to arm residents with knowledge about community resources available and better assist them in navigating the healthcare system”.
Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 8 – 10 a.m. marks the premier open enrollment date at Criss Manor for tenants on floors 1 and 2.  
All Criss Manor tenants are invited to the Community Room during those times for refreshments and free blood pressure checks.  
For more information, please contact Clara Atchison or Kim Harrison at the Lewis County Senior Center, 304-269-5738.

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