New Director Takes the Helm at Louis Bennett Public Library

The Louis Bennett Public Library has a new library director. Rebecca Simmerman is currently training under former library director Karen Enderle, in order to make her transition to director seamless. Enderle is slated to retire, with her last day being Oct. 31.
“I loved to read when I was younger,” said Simmerman, a Harrison County native, she went on to say that she had always frequented the library, whether it be for story-time or any other event. Simmerman also noted that her favorite book series when she was younger was the Madeline series.  When it came time to choose a career path she combined her love of reading and desire to help people and decided to pursue a career as a library director.
Simmerman noted that she enjoys meeting new people, and learning what genres and authors they enjoy and then assisting those people in finding similar works they may enjoy.  
She also said that she is in the process of learning all she can about the local reading interests and tailoring programs to fit those interests.
Simmerman is currently looking into forming a book club at the library, though she stated that she was still trying to gauge interest for such an endeavor.
When speaking of her current reading habits Simmerman said that since 2007, when she began her studies, she had really only had time to read books for class.  
She did note that she was currently reading a book about web design and HTML5, a “markup” language used to build websites.  She said she’s doing so because before she applied for the position at the library, she had checked out the website and found that the “online catalogue” portion of the website was unavailable.  
“I’m working to remedy that,” Simmerman said.
When speaking about the future plans for the library she noted that a grant had been used to purchase new shelving for parts of the libraries collection.  She also noted that the building’s third floor was in need of repairs and that she was looking into obtaining funding.  
Simmerman also said the library participated in Roll and Read on Saturday.

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