My Life as a Police Wife

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Alli's Angle

Most people who know me, know that my husband is a police officer. While I love his job and I love my job, we both have very hectic schedules at times.
News never stops, crime never stops. Our lives are spent running around like chickens with our head cut off at times, but we love it. Sometimes it is hard to find time for each other with our busy schedules, but we make it work.
There have been upsides and downsides with my husband’s job and my job too. Upsides include how proud I am of him for helping people and animals in the community. I am glad I have gotten to know the majority of the police in the area and I can say with honesty that these guys love their jobs and love this community.
They work hard and that shows by seeing the number of arrests made monthly. They are trying to clean up the streets and keep drugs out of Lewis County.
Things I dislike about being a police wife, are numerous, but it doesn’t make me hate my husbands job.
We live in a residential area, people see a police cruiser in our driveway, they have an issue, they think it is okay to ring my doorbell and ask my husband questions, that are not emergent, well it isn’t. The people that do this are not friends of our and this has happened more times than I can count. There is a number to call if you need police assistance and you learn it in elementary school, 911!
My husband works night shift, he sleeps during the day, he is off duty when his cruiser is home, don’t come to my house, call 911. When my son was younger, people would ring the doorbell to ask an ignorant question, which in turn wakes my sleeping child up, wakes my husband up, causes my dog to bark and irritates me.
People come up to us in stores and want to talk about family members that he has arrested, ask legal questions and other things that could wait until he is actually on duty. When this happens, I take my son to another part of the store because I don’t want him around this. Police sometimes don’t have a lot of time for their families and personal lives, so when you see them out respect their privacy and let them be, again call 911 or the non emergency number for dispatch to speak to an officer.
We don’t get much family time, because one of us is usually taking a phone call pertaining to work. I am not complaining. I love both of our jobs, it just sucks sometimes, frankly.
Some people have asked if I am afraid of him not coming home one day? Yes, I am, with all the bad things you see in the media, police getting shot or stabbed to death, how could I not be afraid?
The times I am most afraid is when he doesn’t come home on time and I can’t get ahold of him on his cellphone. He normally answers and says “I’ll be late”, or ignores my call and I know that he is busy. When he doesn’t do either of those things, is when I worry.
I think I have only been extremely scared one time, while he has been a police officer, that I can recall.
In reality though, I actually worried more about him when he worked for the WV Regional Jail Authority, before he became a police officer. At the jail, the correctional officers, corporals (which is what my husband was) and so on were around inmates constantly. It wouldn’t take much for a group of inmates to jump on top of a guard while in sections.
Our police do a lot in the area, not all but most go above and beyond their duties. They are here to protect the people and enforce the laws. They do their best and have to make split second decisions and are trained to do this.
People may think that our small little community doesn’t have a lot of dangers that bigger cities have. We may not have as much crime, but we still have the same types of crimes; drugs, domestic violence, theft, vandalism, DUI and even murder. These are just some of the issues our police officers deal with on a daily basis.
I noticed some small changes about my husband, when he came back from the police academy almost four years ago. When we go out to eat, he never has his back to the door and several other precautions, similar to this.
One thing he is always complaining to me about is making sure the back door is locked to our house, which it is locked ALL THE TIME, but he asks me several times before we leave to go anywhere.
I was recently talking to one of my friends who was dating a police officer, she said that the job changed him. Although we are in a small town, it doesn’t mean big world issues don’t trickle down into our small town atmosphere.
In summation, sometimes being a police wife is hard, scary and stressful, it doesn’t compare to what are LEOs (law enforcement officers) deal with on a daily basis. The positives outweigh the negatives. My husband helping people along with his fellow officers, brings me joy. It gives my son a strong, positive male role model and father to look up to. I love my life and wouldn’t change it at all.

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