Museum of American Glass celebrates 25th anniversary

The West Virginia Museum of American Glass recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday, Oct. 26 to mark the occasion.
The WV Museum of American Glass, located at 230 Main Avenue in Weston, is a non-profit that was established in 1993. The museum displays over 15,000 objects by North American manufacturers, from 1860 to present, with a special focus on the 1900-1960 period when American handmade glass boomed.
“What’s great about the museum is that we are a non profit and a volunteer organization. We all just volunteer our time to help make this possible,” said board member Dave Bush.
The idea of the museum started after two glass enthusiast, Dean Six and Merle Moore, organized a meeting of glass industrialists and glass historians at the Citizen’s Bank in Weston. This meeting blossomed into the creation of what is now the West Virginia Museum of American Glass.
For the first five years the museum did not have an actual ‘home’. Glass memorabilia and donations were stored in different places across town, and the meetings were held at various locations within Lewis County.
That is until 1998 when Senator Bill Sharp donated the money for the museum to purchase the old Kane’s Drug Store, which is now known as the Property Shop, in Weston. The WV Museum of American Glass stayed in that building until 2008 when they moved just up the street to their current home.
One of the bigger projects the museum is currently focusing on is a mural that will span across the entire north side of the museum. Jesse Corlis, an artist from Charleston, West Virginia, will be painting the mural and due to the size of the project, it will be completed in phases over an extended period of time.
In addition to the ribbon cutting, the museum also hosted a family carnival on Oct. 25 and the annual Glass Conference Oct. 26-27 in celebration of their 25th anniversary.

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