More to Athleticism than Popular Sports

Alli's Angle on Athletics

I have had the privilege in the last few weeks, to reconnect with former teachers I have had while in elementary and high school in Lewis County. In speaking with a few of my former teachers, I have realized that there are some sports in Lewis County, and across the country, that are still not taken seriously, or in some cases not considered a sport.
During the fall, athletics tend to favor football, in winter it is basketball and in the spring it is baseball and softball. While these sports are wonderful, as are the coaches and students who play the games, there are other sports that are not as recognized in our community and communities across the country.
My goal this school year is to include those sports and create a sports section that recognizes all sports in Lewis County.
My first inclusion this season has been golf, since this sport starts their matches sooner, than others. It has been wonderful working with Head Coach Mark Workman and Assistant Coach Kenny James, to get these six golfers’ scores into the paper in the last few weeks. Lewis County has a good group of golfers this year and I hope that the community will give them the respect and encouragement they deserve.
Another great team I got the privilege of “hanging out” with for an evening was the Lewis County High School Cheerleaders. They really are a great group of girls, who care about their school and team. The seniors on the team made it a point to tell me that they are really working on their team and being there for each other this year, and that has made them stronger.
Some people will debate that cheerleading is not a sport, however, I beg to differ. Cheerleading is probably one of the hardest sports there is. It requires memorization, agility, flexibility, cardio, strength and much more.
Coach Beth Nichols and I were talking about how dangerous cheering can be too, while some probably don’t realize that. One mistake, and you could twist an ankle or hurt a fellow cheerleader.
Another sport that is not considered a sport to many is marching band. While marching band is considered arts—to most—to me, a former band student, it really is a sport. Marching routines are not an easy thing to learn, plus on top of marching, you are playing a musical instrument, some of these instruments are quite heavy, such as the percussion instruments (drums).
There are so many more sports that are underappreciated and I really hope that we can find a way to include every sport in the newspaper.
I really have enjoyed getting to know the coaches and players that I have been in contact with so far this month, with starting my sports writing career. I am sure this fall is going to be a blast with golf, cross country, soccer, football, cheerleading, volleyball, marching band and fall baseball games to attend.

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