Minutemen Soccer Clawed by the Tigers 1-4 Outcome

The Minutemen soccer team fell hard to Elkins after a brutal game, in which the referees gave multiple yellow cards to Elkins’ players, with a final score of 1-4.
The first and only goal the Minutemen capitalized on was after a corner kick by Lewis County player Edgar Juarez. After the kick, No. 4, Chayten Chapman, positioned at the back post, tapped the ball into the net, leaving Lewis in the lead for a brief period.
Lewis’ goal was met with a goal from Elkins, after a goal kick from Lewis County, which Elkins managed to capture, bringing the score to a tie at 1-1.
With 10:53 left on the clock the Tigers put another ball into Lewis’ goal, after a corner kick, bringing the score to 1-2 which was the final score at the half.
However, due to some rough play from Elkins, with 2:07 left on the clock Minuteman No. 10 BJ Flesher was injured, but walked off the field.
In the second half of play Elkins scored their third goal after only 32 seconds, bringing the score to 1-3.
Then, Elkins began to show their aggressive nature more, which resulted in a yellow card being given to Elkins player No. 8 Parsons.
The Tigers scored the final goal of the evening with 7:04 left on the clock, leaving Lewis with a loss at 1-4.

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