Marsh Survives Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of articles highlighting cancer survivors.

Geraldine Marsh, a Weston resident, who worked for Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital (SJMH) at one time, was working one day and knew that something was wrong. She went home, but later that same night went to the Emergency Room, because she felt “off”. The doctor told her that nothing seemed to be wrong and she was sent home.
Marsh went back to the Emergency Room, listening to her body, knowing that something really was wrong. Blood work was done and she was told to make an appointment with her family doctor.
Marsh went to her family doctor, who notice knots on her neck. She was too dehydrated from sickness to withstand a biopsy, so she was given IV fluids.
After the biopsy was performed, it was confirmed that Marsh did have Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This occurred in 1999.
Marsh underwent chemotherapy at United Hospital Center (UHC) and SJMH.
“God took care of it,” said Marsh.
She said that she had people praying for her, from all over.
“He [God] can do anything. I think that prayer helped more than the medicine,” said Marsh.
Marsh began an experimental treatment in Morgantown, which her oncologist said she was a prime candidate for, then afterwards said her involvement led to oncologists being able to use that treatment on other patients.
Marsh said she didn’t have any side effects really, but was give Zofran also known as Ondansetron for nausea.
In the latter part of 2000, the cancer seemed to be completely gone.
However, her Oncologist felt she was a good candidate for a stem cell transplant. The doctors thought that she would be in the hospital for three months, although, Marsh was only in there one month recovering.
After that her cancer was gone, she was in remission, and has been cancer free ever since.
Marsh is the current Lewis County Relay for Life Queen, and her reign will end in June, when a new Queen is chosen. She is also on the Relay for Life team “Kicking Cancer in the Gizzard”.
“Bring prayers on as much as you can for those who need them,” said Marsh.

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