Man charged after road rage shooting

An Ohio man was charged with four counts of Wanton endangerment after a road rage incident led to a shooting on Wednesday, July 4.
Timothy Clayton Wiant, 19, of Warren Ohio was charged by a member of the West Virginia State Police after allegedly firing three shots from a 30-06 into a vehicle carrying four passengers, two of them children, striking an adult woman in the leg.
The criminal complaint states that the officer responded to a report of an active shooting at residence located on Archwood Lane. The officer had been notified that the victim’s vehicle had left the scene of the shooting and was traveling on Route 19 toward the hospital.  
The officer, along with EMS, met the vehicle and the driver told the officer that a silver van with Ohio registration had nearly hit his family’s vehicle, and that he had eventually ended up behind the van on Archwood Lane. The victim alleged to the officer that a man ran out of the vehicle and into a residence returning with a rifle and firing at the vehicle, striking a female passenger in the leg.
The officer notes in the complaint that he observed three bullet holes in the vehicle along with blood inside the vehicle. The passenger struck by the bullet was transported to Morgantown, her condition is unknown as of press time.
The officer and an officer with the Natural Resource Police traveled to the scene where they made contact with Wiant. The complaint states that Wiant admitted to firing on the vehicle after it had followed him back to the residence.
Wanton Endangerment is a felony with each count holding a penalty of not less than one year nor more than five years in a state penitentiary, or,  at the discretion of the court, not more than one year in a county jail in and a fine of not less than $250 dollar nor more than $2,500 upon conviction.
In an unrelated case, Amanda Nichole Lemon, 29, of Jane Lew was charged with  Perjury, a felony,  by a member of the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department.
The criminal compliant states that on May 24, Lemon testified in Lewis County Magistrate Court that she did not give a statement accusing her husband, Henry Lemon of strangling her.
The compliant goes on to state that a review of body camera footage of the original incident from May 19, revealed that Lemon did state that her husband choked her during an altercation.

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