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Many people have trouble making ends meet each month.  Let me tell you what has worked for me in the last several years. 
I began to return tithe (a tenth of my income, or some say profit after expenses, but since I had a salary, I just tithed the whole gross income).  Since that I have always had enough to pay my debts and expenses. 
The tithe is separate and apart from offerings for various expenses and projects and beneficent giving.  Here is what was in a recent devotional:
“What does God say about those who are unfaithful in tithes and offerings?  Listen to these strong words of Malachi 3:8:  ‘will a man rob God?  Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee?  In tithes and offerings.”
“Could it be that many of the physical curses that have come upon the natural world have been due to unfaithfulness on the part of the inhabitants of the world?  Why not try Him?  Those who have, have found His blessing always with them.  They have found that He lives up to His word.  They have found that He fulfills His word; and what the promises, He does.
“There was A. A. Hyde, the Mentholatum king, who was bankrupt and owed $100,000.  Then he pledged God a faithful tithe.  Someone brought him a formula and said, “Manufacture it.”  He did, and you know the rest.
 “A boy named William was sixteen years old and poor, just starting out to make his way in life.  He knelt on a towpath with the captain of a canal boat and listened to the captain’s prayer. Then the captain said:  ‘Someday someone will be the leading soapmaker in New York. It might as well be you. You know soap and candlemaking.  Make an honest soap and give a full pound.  Be a good man, and give the Lord what belongs to Him.’
That boy was William Colgate, and he did pay his tithe—first one tenth, then two tenths, later three, four and five tenths. Finally he gave it all.
‘If all professed believers were faithful in tithes and offerings, churches would be adequately supported everywhere;  there would be no temptation to employ unscriptural means to secure money for church expense; and the gospel message would be sent quickly to all the world.” (Page 285, Walking Through the Bible with H.M.S. Richards, Pacific Press Publishing Association, Nampa, ID.)
Some say that is only for Old Testament people, but Jesus Himself said in Matthew 23:23 that we ought to return tithe, but not leave out the loving deeds that are expected of us either.  Tithe was originally what was used to pay the priests and other workers in the Lord’s work.  In modern days, it should properly now take care of preachers and other workers for the church, not for general expenses.   
Go here if you want more information: http://www.cross
is-tithing-for-the-new-testament-believer-11579309.html Tithing, separate from offerings, I firmly believe that if you put the Lord first, before paying any of your other expenses, that He will keep His promise to you and make your nine tenths go further that you can imagine.  He says in Malachi to try Him and see.  It would be worth it to you if you try tithing.
I had two great experiences last weekend. I celebrated with family for my grandson, Gary Garden’s birthday!  I love that guy so much and wish him happiness and success in all he endeavors to do!  
Also, I attended the beautiful country (barn) wedding of Tim Sapp to Rebecca Curry.  What a beautiful production it was even though I didn’t get to stay for the bonfire or the hayride.
It was catered by the Daily Grind people and Sheri-Lyn not only played keyboard for the wedding, but caught the bouquet!  It was all wonderful and I wish all the best for the bride and groom and their families.


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