Maids Spring for Five Games Over Break

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With the arrival of nice weather, the Lewis County Maids softball team was able to play five games over spring break. On Monday, April 10, they hosted Bridgeport.
Lewis took a 1-0 lead in the 2nd inning when Payton Campbell doubled and scored on a double by Kaelye Crook.  Their lead would stand until the 6th inning, when Bridgeport scored three runs to take the lead.
Lewis would then be unable to produce any more runs and took the 1-3 loss.  Morgan White and Payton Campbell led the Maids from the plate, with both getting two hits.  Alexis Hudson took the loss on the mound, pitching
seven innings with 30BF, 4K, 3BB, 5H, 3R, 1ER and 1HP.
Offense:  S. Fikes 3000, P. Bragg 3000, B. Posey 3000, A. Rumbach 3010, M. White 3020, P. Campbell 3210, K. Crook 3011, A. Hudson 2010, T. Curtis 3000.
     On Tuesday, April 11, they hosted Nicholas County.  The game would stay scoreless until the 4th inning, when Nicholas took advantage of some errors and scored six runs.  Lewis answered back in the bottom of the inning with White, Alexis Rumbach and Paije Bragg crossing the plate to cut the lead to 3-6.  
Lewis would gain 1 more run in the 6th when Rumbach singled, moved to 3rd on a double by Campbell and scored on a sac fly by Crook.
In the 7th inning, Tiffany Curtis singled, moved to 3rd on an outfield single by White and scored on a single by Bella Posey.  With a questionable call at 3rd base and stranding two base runners, Lewis County’s offense would fall just short and take a 5-6 loss.  
White led the team from the plate, going 3-for-3 and scoring 1 run. Hudson got the loss on the mound, pitching seven innings with 33BF, 4K, 2BB, 7H, 6R and 2ER.
Offense:  S. Fikes 4000, M. White 3130, B. Posey 4011, A. Rumbach 3210, P. Bragg 4120, P. Campbell 1011, K. Crook 1002, E. Hellems 3000, T. Curtis 3110.
On Thursday, April 13, the team traveled to Elkins. Lewis County’s offense and defense were both at the top of their game, racking up 12 hits and only allowing five Elkins hits to win the game by run rule with a 13-5 score in the 5th inning.
Rumbach led the team from the plate, going 3 of 4 with two RBIs and scoring two runs.  Campbell also added her 2nd homerun of the season with a shot over the left field fence.  Hudson earned the win on the mound, pitching five innings with 23BF, 3K, 2BB and 5ER.
Offense:  P. Campbell 4113, M. White 3001, B. Posey 4110, P. Bragg 3220, A. Rumbach 4232, K. Crook 4222, S. Fikes 3220, A. Hudson 3010, M. Turner 0200, T. Curtis 2100.
 On Friday, April 14, Lewis traveled to Grafton. With a potent offense, Lewis pushed 15 runs across the plate and held Grafton to seven runs to take home another win and improve their record to 7-3.  
Rumbach led the offensive attack, going 4 of 4 with six RBI’s, scoring three runs and knocking her 2nd homerun over the fence.  Hudson earned the win from the mound, pitching six innings with 28BF, 4K, 1BB, 10H, 7R and 5ER.
Offense:  P. Campbell 5212, M. White 2300, B. Posey 4211, P. Bragg 3102, A. Rumbach 4346, K. Crook 4222, S. Fikes 4010, A. Hudson 3021, A. Hall 0100, T. Curtis 3100.
On Saturday, April 15, Lewis hosted the South Harrison Lady Hawks. The Hawks took a big lead when they had 4 runners cross the plate in the 2nd and 5 more runners score in the 3rd, to go up 9-0.  
Lewis answered back in the 4th, pushing four runs of the their own across the plate to cut the gap to 4-9. South Harrison would score 1 more run in the 6th and two more in the 7th to build their lead to 4-12.
Lewis would only be able to score one more run in the 7th and would fall to the Lady Hawks by a score of 5-12.
Led by Rumbach going 3-for-3 at the plate, Lewis County’s offense had 11 hits, but the lack of their defense that allowed 12 runs on only four hits would be too much to overcome.  Campbell took the loss on the mound, pitching one-and-a-third innings with 7BF, 3BB, 1H, 4R, 3ER, 1WP and 1HP.  White and Hudson came in as relief on the mound.
Offense:  P. Campbell 4110, M. White 4110, B. Posey 4121, P. Bragg 4120, A. Rumbach 3132, K. Crook 3011, S. Fikes 3000, A. Hudson 3010, T. Curtis 3000.

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