Lightburns Family Diner Carries on Family Name

Danny and Dianne Castro decided to create a restaurant in Jane Lew, which is named in honor of Dianne Castro’s late family member Joseph Lightburn Jr.
Lightburn did not have any heirs, so the family wanted to be able to carry on his name, so that he could be remembered, which is how Lightburns Family Diner was born.
“With all the family history we have, we couldn’t pass up naming our restaurant, Lightburns,” said Dianne Castro.
They added family to the name because they wanted everyone to fill at home and comfortable with being there and to enjoy time spent there.
“We don’t want you to rush off after eating, stay a while and visit with us,” said Danny Castro.
The Castro’s leased the property from family starting in November and started construction on the building immediately. The inside of the building has been renovated basically top to bottom.
They have created their own table tops and booths for their customers and a neighbor built the hostess station for the restaurant, which Dianne Castro is creating a mosaic art piece for.
The restaurant is going to even have a game room, with checkers, foosball and more for children to play with, while waiting on their food to arrive at the table.
“We want this to be someplace where you can dress up or dress down. We want you to be yourself. We want you to bring the whole family,” she said.
One feature to the diner will be a semi open kitchen that people will be able to see the chef preparing the food, through a window cutout.
While the couple will be mostly gearing their menu toward breakfast and lunch, there will be daily specials for breakfast, dinner, lunch and even desserts.
The cuisine will focus on traditional meals, however there will be a heavy New Orleans and Philadelphia influence.
“You will be able to get an actual philly cheese steak here,” said Danny Castro.
Everything will be homemade, including the salad dressing, which Castro crafted himself.
The diner will focus on breakfast foods, salads, sandwhiches, burgers, wraps and soups.
One thing that the restaurant will put an emphasis on is seafood.
“There really isn’t a place around Lewis County that focuses on seafood, we want to be that place, especially with how prevalent seafood is in New Orleans styles of cooking,” said Dianne Castro.
The couple has created a kids menu, for the children that is a little less traditional than the typical kids menu, which will include crab cakes, meatloaf and quesadillas. However it will still include those child favorites too, like mac n cheese.
Castro said that she is also trying to give the kids and adults healthier options too, such as sides of carrot stick or wraps instead of sandwiches.
There will also be items added, that cater to those with special diets such as diabetics, low cholesterol and low carbohydrates.
The restaurant will employ six other crew members, beside family members.
“We really have a good mixture of people, who will work for us. Their personalities blend very well and are down to earth,” she said.
One of the highlighting features in the dining area are the paintings on the walls which were painted by Danny Castro. He even is working on a mural of a tree currently, beside one of the entrance doors.
“This is a family oriented place for everyone. When you go out to eat with your family sometimes, it can break the bank, but eating here won’t do that. We have our prices set reasonably and for families,” said Danny Castro.
Lightburns plans to open the second week in June and will be open Tuesday - Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., dinner will be served Fridays and Saturdays, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday hours will be 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
You can also check out Lightburns Family Diner on Facebook and Instagram.

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