LCHS Maids Soccer Close Loss to Elkins Tigers: 2-3

Early in the Maids Soccer game on Thursday, afternoon, it was apparent that the matchup against Lewis County High School and the Elkins Tigers was going to be a physical competition, with both teams, having multiple fouls on each other from the get-go. However, the Tigers, did secure a victory over the Maids only by one goal, with a final score of 2-3.
With 26:15 left in the first half of play Elkins managed to score their first goal, after the Maid knocked the ball out of play, giving Elkins a corner kick, which landed in the goal
Elkins, then showed the Maids again how they capitalize on corner kicks again, sinking another goal, with 22:22 left on the clock of the second half, resulting in a 0-2 score.
With 17:03 left on the clock Lewis County Maid No. 25 Mikayla Lattea, found herself a goal after a strong kick, which bounced off Elkins’ keeper’s fingertips, bring the score to 1-2.
With 16:12 left the in first half of play, Lewis County had a handball inside the box, which resulted in Elkins taking a direct kick, which was saved by keeper Paije Bragg. At the half the score was still 1-2 in favor of the Tigers.
Only 58 seconds into the second half of play No. 6 Meg Walker did send a swift shot into the goal, directly over the keeper’s head, bringing the game to a tie.
Although the Maids’ played a hard game against Elkins, they took the fall when Elkins managed to score a final goal with 19:26 left on the clock, after yet another corner kick.

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