Lack of quorum lends concern about councilman

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Weston to abandon alley named in lawsuit

Weston City Council met a week after their regularly scheduled meeting, due to failure to produce a quorum at the originally scheduled meeting.  
January’s council meeting was initially scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 2, but the meeting was rescheduled for Jan. 9, as a result.   
Mayor Julia Spelsberg was absent from the original Jan. 2, meeting due to illness, and Councilman Justin Roy was set to serve in her place for the meeting, but the absence of Councilman Richard Flanigan meant that the meeting only had two voting members present, instead of the required three. Roy was ineligible to vote while serving in the Mayor’s place.
“Flanigan seems to be a lot of the problems in this area,”said Junior Kelley, a citizen who was among several residents expressing disappointment with the cancellation of the meeting.  
Kelley alleged that Flanigan doesn’t make himself available to the public and doesn’t seem to take an interest in serving.
“I don’t see why he even ran for ward councilman,” Kelley said.
Council minutes for 2017 show that Flanigan attended 10 of 12 meetings.
In other news, at the rescheduled meeting, councilors went into executive session to discuss a legal matter regarding to the proposed abandonment of an alley located off Brown Avenue that is the subject of a lawsuit.
Spelsberg said in a phone interview the next day that the alley had effectively been abandoned long ago, and this vote made it official.
After the council emerged from executive session, approximately six minutes in length, they quickly voted 3-0 to abandon the alley. Flanigan was not in attendance. The motion was made by Roy and a second by Councilman John Wyllie.
In other news, the council also announced that they would begin holding open Town Hall meetings quarterly with the first being scheduled for Thursday Feb. 8, at the Weston Fire Department.  
Wyllie noted that the idea behind these meetings was to allow citizens to have a role to play in improving Weston.
“Anybody can complain and be obnoxious about this and on and on and on. That’s not the purpose of this meeting,”  
Wyllie said.  
He went on to note that citizens should also offer suggestions for solutions to problems  they bring to the council and then commit their time and effort to work toward solutions for the problems.   
In other business, council members also honored Jill and Mark Brogan for their work with the Weston Friends of Ferals and Strays program, a group that seeks to capture, spay, and release stray and feral cats in an effort to control their numbers.
“As long as the people are behind us, we’ll keep going,” Mark Brogan said.    
He also noted that the program had spayed 153 stray and feral cats so far, and have the goal of 1,000 over a 10-year period.  
In other news, Randy Bohan spoke briefly about the city’s involvement in the Region VII Planning and Development Council, an organization that provides an array of services to support economic development, planning, and inter-governmental cooperation.  Bohan went on to say that Spelsberg, who holds a vote as the mayor of Weston, has only attended two meetings out of 24 since 2011.  
Bohan called those numbers an “absolute travesty,” saying he felt it meant Spelsberg was not doing her job.  
Spelsberg did not address Bohan at the meeting, but issued a statement on Tuesday, Jan. 9.
“We were elected by the people of Weston to serve. We are all doing our best. If that is not good enough for Mr. Bohan, he can move to Weston and run for office in two years.”

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