JV Lady Patriots win close game against Lady Knights

The JV Lady Patriots won their first home game of the season against the Lady Knights of Taylor County, last Thursday evening, but the game was a close one, with back and forth action from both teams.
The game started slow for both teams, with the ball being on each side of the court about the same amount of time, with both teams making shots without success.
No. 14 Bo Probst was the first to get the Lady Patriots on the scoreboard, in fact, she was the only player to score any points in the first quarter, bringing the score to 2-0.
In the second quarter Taylor County came out hitting the court hard, scoring a two-point shot, followed by one foul shot, pulling them into the lead. However, Jazzilyn Piggie hit a nice three-point shot, getting the Lady Patriots back in the groove.
Adison Heath was the next to score for the Lady Patriots, sinking two foul shots, bringing the score to 7-3. Taylor County then matched those points, however Heath was not finished yet, scoring a two-pointer, bringing the score at the half to 9-5.
At the third quarter the Lady Patriots really found their footing and scored shot after shot in the first portion, with No. 30 Kira Boyce gaining a two-point shot off a rebound, followed by Piggie, Lillie Cayton and Heath scoring two points each.
Cayton then put in a foul shot, with brought the Lady Patriots lead to 18-5.
The Lady Knights did not give up though and put in a three-point shot, followed by one free throw, and then another three-pointer, which left the third quarter with a score of 18-15.
Taylor County made a slight comeback in the fourth quarter scoring back to back shots, giving them the lead by one point.
Heath then made two free throws, followed by Boyce scoring a two-point shot. Just like she started the game, Probst ended the scoring for the game, making the last two free throws of the night, bringing the score to 24-19.
Game scores by quarter:
2-7-9-6 total 24
0-5-10-4 total 19
Stats: Bo Probst 2-0-0-2 total 4; Adison Heath 0-4-2-2 total 8; Kira Boyce 0-0-2-2 total 4; Jazilyn Piggie 0-3-2-0 total 5; Lillie Cayton 0-0-3-0 total 3.

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