JV Lady Patriots Down the Hawks 25-21

On Thursday, the Robert L. Bland Middle School JV Lady Patriots made a huge comeback, winning the game against the Belington Hawks, during a tightly matched contest. No. 24 Haylee Lewis and No. 30 Courtney Hartley led the JV Patriots in scoring with six points each.
The game began with the Lady Patriots hitting the court hard and started shooting right off the bat, with No. 42 Addison Heath getting the rebound off the shot and sinking the first basket of the night. No. 23 Jazilyn Piggie followed suit and sank another rebounded shot, putting the Lady Patriots in the lead 4-0.
Belington fired back with a two-pointer of their own, but that didn’t stop No. 30 Courtney Hartley from sinking her first shot of the night, taking the score to 6-2.
The Lady Hawks made a small comeback rounding off the quarter with two baskets, tying up the score at 6-6.
In the second quarter, No. 21 Maggie Wyatt started the scoring with two foul shots, bringing the score to 8-6, placing the Patriots in the lead, but not for long. Belington came back hitting a perfect field goal shot, but Wyatt gained her second shot of the night off of a rebounded foul shot, taking the scoreboard to 10-9.
Belington finished off the quarter, placing them in the lead at the half with two baskets and the score was 10-13.
In the third quarter Belington was the first to fire, with a field goal, but No. 24 Haylee Lewis sank two baskets consecutively, increasing the score to 14-16.
Belington once again finished off the scoring in the third quarter of play with a three-pointer and two foul shots, taking the score to 14-21.
The Lady Patriots went in to the fourth and final quarter of the game, pumped up and ready to play, and shut the Lady Hawks completely out of the game, with Belington unable to sink any shots.
The Lady Patriots managed to make 11 points in the quarter with No. 12 Lillie Cayton with two, No. 3 Channing Carson with two foul shots, Hartley with two foul shots and a basket, Heath with a foul shot and Lewis finishing off the game with a two-pointer. This left the Lady Patriots with a comeback win at 25-21.
Scores by quarters
Lady Patriots: 6-4-4-11 total: 25
Lady Hawks: 6-7-8-0 total: 21
Stats: Haylee Lewis 0-0-4-2 total: 6; Courtney Hartley 2-0-0-4 total: 6; Maggie Wyatt 0-4-0-0 total: 4; Adison Heath 2-0-0-1 total: 3; Lillie Cayton 0-0-0-2 total: 2; Jazilyn Piggie 2-0-0-0 total: 2; Channing Carson 0-0-0-2 total: 2

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