JV Lady Patriots beat East Fairmont and Elkins

The JV Lady Patriots were undefeated at home last week in back-to-back games against East Fairmont and Elkins Middle. Against East Fairmont No. 42 Addison Heath led the JV Patriots in scoring with 11 points, while No. 30 Courtney Hartley led in the number of rebounds grabbed.
The Robert L. Bland JV Lady Patriots were the first to get on the board with Heath grabbing a rebound shot, then in attempt to shoot she was fouled, gaining two shots, which she sank. Heath in another instance gained another foul shot for the Lady Patriots, taking the score to 3-0.
East Fairmont capitalized soon after gaining their first basket of the night, but No. 23 Jazilyn Piggie took advantage of a rebounded shot and earned two points for her team, ticking the score to 5-2.
East Fairmont garnered another basket, but No. 21 Maggie Wyatt earned two points for the Lady Patriots. East Fairmont scored seven more points before the quarters end, tallying the score at 7-11.
In the second quarter, East Fairmont kept control of the game scoring a total of five points, but the Lady Patriots squeezed in four of their own. No. 14 Bo Probst and Wyatt both added a foul shot a piece, while Heath added a two-pointer. This took the score at the half to 11-16.
East Fairmont kept control of the game during the third quarter of play, with both teams scoring nine points. Heath added four points, while Hartley and Wyatt added two points apiece and Piggie adding one foul shot.
The Lady Patriots took the game into their hands in the final canto of the evening, earning a total of 15 points in a single quarter.
East Fairmont began the quarter with a basket, but Hartley earned two back-to-back baskets, taking the score to 24-27.
Piggie scored another foul shot, followed by Hartley gaining a shot off a rebound, taking the score to a tie at 27-27.
The Lady Patriots broke into the lead, when Heath scored a two-pointer, followed by Hartley, gaining one of her own off a rebound, stacking the score at 31-27.
East Fairmont scored their last basket of the night, taking the score to 31-29, but Probst managed to score two points after a through bounce pass from Piggie.
Piggie then scored the last basket of the night after stealing the ball from East Fairmont, accidentally hitting the official with the ball, loosing possession of the ball, gaining possession back then making a beautiful shot, ending the game with a score of 35-29.
Scores by quarters
Robert L. Bland: 7-4-9-15 total: 35
East Fairmont: 11-5-9-4 total: 29
Stats: Addison Heath 3-2-4-2 total: 11; Courtney Hartley 0-0-2-8 total: 10; Jazilyn Piggie 2-0-1-3 total: 6; Maggie Wyatt 2-1-2-0 total: 5; Bo Probst 0-1-0-2 total: 3
The JV Lady Patriots also faced the Elkins Lady Hornets at home, on Feb. 1, which was a close game, that found the Lady Patriots on top, only by one point. Leading the Lady Patriots in scoring was Wyatt with eight points, and she also led the team in rebound grabs.
The Lady Patriots started the game off with two fast baskets by Piggie and Hartley, but Elkins managed to squeeze one basket in during the first quarter, taking the score to 4-2.
Piggie scored the Lady Patriots only basket in the second quarter, while the Lady Hornets went on a scoring spree racking up a consecutive eight points, bringing the score at the half to 6-10.
The Lady Patriots tried to edge out the Lady Hornets though in the third quarter, with Wyatt and Heath earning a foul shot each off the bat, followed by Hartley, then Wyatt with two baskets, placing the Lady Patriots back in the lead, at 12-10. However, Elkins made one last basket with 20 seconds left in the half, taking the score to a tie at 12-12, heading into the last quarter of play.
 Elkins started the scoring off in the fourth quarter, however the Lady Patriots took control from then on, with Hartley hitting a shot off a rebound, Wyatt scoring two baskets in a row, then adding another point, earning a free throw, taking the score to 19-14.
Elkins did not give up hope thought, earning two baskets, but it would do no good, the Lady Patriots won 19-18.
Scores by quarters
Lady Patriots: 4-2-6-7 total: 19
Lady Hornets: 2-8-2-6 total: 18
Stats: Maggie Wyatt 0-0-3-5 total: 8; Courtney Hartley 2-0-2-2 total: 6; Jazilyn Piggie 2-2-0-0 total: 4; Addison Heath 0-0-1-0 total: 1

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