Juniors Fall to Teachers in Annual Baskeball Tournament

[Submitted photos, courtesy of Cassie Queen]

The atmosphere was electric as the sixth annual teachers versus students basketball game was underway at Lewis County High School.
The tournament, organized by LCHS teacher, Mr. Pickens, began at the start of the week as students from each grade level competed for the chance to play against the high school teachers on Friday, April 7th.
Claiming that opportunity, was the students of the junior class, which was composed of 14 players. Tip off for the game begin at 2 o’clock, as Mr. Ben Whetsell won the tip off for the teachers, and quickly turned that advantage into the game’s first point.
The teachers, with a team of eight, dominated the first quarter against the students, racking 11 points, while Cody Sealback, scored the only point for the students.
At the end of the quarter, students’ names were drawn at random, and received Lewis County themed prizes, which were provided by LCHS faculty.
As the second quarter heated up, student, Hunter Skinner brought a three pointer to the score board.
However, Mr. Whetsell received two foul shots for a technical from Jared Skinner. Mr. McWhorter brought in a three pointer for the teachers to finish the first half, with the teachers leading 14-3.
Halftime was full of energy as the students were selected at random to center court to take their chance to make a half court shot in hopes of winning a prize.
Aaron Beam filled the gymnasium with cheers when he stepped up and swooshed his shot.
Beam was rewarded a Lewis County sweatshirt, lanyard, and cup. The High School’s Vice Principal, Mr. John Whiston was encouraged onto the court by the students to take his shot at the half court, but came up short of the hoop.
The third-quarter moved along with teachers gaining seven more points, with the students gaining three. Mr. Max Anderson, the High School’s graduation coach, brought in four of the seven points, with Cole barker making a three pointer for the students.
Tensions were high as the last quarter began. Adam Cutlip and Mr. Anderson fought for the ball as referee M.Sgt. Linger stopped the play, calling a foul against Mr. Anderson.
However, that didn’t stop the teachers’ competitive spirit from adding another three points to the board.
The well fought game ended with the teachers taking home the championship title with a score of 30-14.
“It was the easiest game I have ever played.” Said Max Anderson, in good spirit, as he finished shaking hands with the student players. Junior, Adam Cutlip, had a different take on the game, “there was a lot of roughing and fouling that didn’t get called, but we played well and left it all on the court.”
Both students and staff are looking forward to another competitive game next year.
“I love seeing the students and teachers having a good time. It’s always a lot of fun.” Says Mr. John Whiston at the conclusion of the game.

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