Jeff Sessions ends policy allowing state legalized marijuana

Last Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ended a policy applied by the Obama Administration, which asserted that the federal government would not interfere with legalized-marijuana state laws.
This policy, purposed by the Obama Administration, completely acted in contradiction to the duties of the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch is obligated to enforce federal law, whether they like it or not. They are not given the liberty to enforce only the laws that they have policy disagreements with, when it is properly enacted legislatively. President Obama attempted this strategy on numerous issues ranging from immigration laws to legal pot. This behavior entirely abandoned the duties of the executive branch.
The Controlled Substances Act was a bi-partisan bill, supported by both Republicans and Democrats, and passed both Democratic-controlled chambers of Congress and signed into law by Republican President Richard Nixon in 1971. At this time in American history, regardless of political affiliation, sound-minded people recognized mind-altering drugs as being “bad.” This bi-partisan legislation established the federal prohibition of marijuana.
Regardless of inferior state policy, all Marijuana usage is illegal under federal law. Every lawmaker, including those in West Virginia, illegally attempted to override federal law. Their policy proposals were enacted without respect to the United States of America, disrespected the rule of law, and pandered to their personal desires for legalization, surpassing their limitations of power not endowed to their offices. Jeff Sessions is simply enforcing laws that are already on the books, but Obama’s justice department didn’t defend.
Since the announcement of the expected reinforcement of federal marijuana statues, the mainstream media has been hammering Sessions. CNN, the Washington Post, Politico, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and several other outlets chastised the Attorney General, staunchly defending pot. CNBC’s Chris Morris went to the extent of accusing Sessions of waging a “war on small business.” The headline of his piece was titled, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ war on pot may become a war on small business.” Of course, this is a wonderful click bait headline, but when you actually read the article you find that he was referencing marijuana suppliers as typically being small businesses. When a state legalizes marijuana, of course most suppliers are small businesses. Drug dealers, who sold pot to begin with, apply for business licenses and then open their own reefer shacks. They become state-licensed drug dealers, that are still operating illegally under federal law.
At one point, most marijuana users acknowledged that smoking pot was unhealthy. Now, it is astonishing how marijuana usage is justified, despite the multiple studies finding strong evidence linking marijuana use to the risk of developing schizophrenia, paranoia, depressive disorders, increasing the risk of a traffic accident, triggering a heart attack, worsening respiratory symptoms and more frequent episodes of chronic bronchitis, carcinogens within marijuana smoke, heavy metals, risking the inhalation of Aspergillus, inhaling four-times the tar within a tobacco cigarette, its fat-soluble remaining in your body for three weeks, along with many other negative side effects.
This information was discovered by the University of Oxford, the American Chemical Society, The American Lung Association, the University of California in Los Angeles, American University, Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas in Dallas, the University of South Carolina, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain HIDTA Report, University of Washington, National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission, and by the federal advisory panel.
This information is ignored by marijuana advocates, and they attempt to discredit such studies by providing the ludicrous claim that “these studies are all a massive conspiracy by big pharma and can’t be trusted!”
If they disagree with a credible study, finding that marijuana has negative side-effects, they automatically accuse the researcher of working discreetly for pharmaceutical companies. Either this is a deliberate act of deflection, or a side-effect of paranoia.
Regardless, the facts show that marijuana is a harmful substance and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has every right to enforce laws that are already enacted.

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