Jane Lew Council irons out field usage

Jane Lew Town Council members heard from three different youth baseball groups seeking to come to an agreement on the usage of the fields in Jane Lew.  
Danny Murray, the manager of the Lewis County Hitmen, a youth travel baseball team based in the county, spoke before council and asked for usage of the larger field at the Jane Lew Town Park for his new team.
 Murray noted that his team played on intermediate size fields with base paths of 70 feet, which would require the placement of bases in the grass of the field.  
Councilman Tom Frazier questioned Murray on the wear and tear this may cause to the infield grass of the field and whether that would affect the contract currently being worked on between Jane and the Lewis County Baseball Association for the use of the full-size field.  
Lewis County Baseball President Matt McKee was also on hand to finalize the contract with the city, and he, Frazier, and Murray discussed at length the work needed to get the field in playing shape.
McKee noted that he did not feel that putting the intermediate distance bases in the grass would result in so much wear and tear that it would adversely affect the play on the full-size field for the older players in the PONY League.  
Frazier repeatedly stressed the councils desire to see the field used “six or even seven days a week.”  
Charlie Straley of the Jane Lew American Legion Post, also noted that American Legion team, comprised of 16 to 21 year olds, also wished to play a small number of games in Jane Lew, but noted that the American Legion schedule was later in the year, so it may not be a scheduling conflict.   
After the discussion, council and Mayor Ruth Straley asked Murray and McKee to meet separately and work out a schedule for the field, and bring it in for approval.  
McKee also spoke about a contract in the works with the town for use of the field.  McKee noted that he was able to obtain a one million dollar liability policy through GJ Garton which honored a condition for the contract.  McKee stressed that he went to GJ Garton for the policy in an effort to keep it local.  
McKee also noted that the league would not put any money into the repair and maintenance  of the field until there was a deal place.  
McKee also brought up a concern with the parking of vehicles on the field during the Jane Lew Fireman’s  Arts and Crafts Festival.  
McKee offered for the Baseball Association to pay for the buses, bus drivers, and fuel for shuttles if the festival would forego parking in the large field.   Jane Lew Fire Chief Mitch
Oldaker said that the Fire Department would be willing to speak to them about them  at the departments next business meeting.   
In other council news, the council voted 5-0 for Straley to continue the process of purchasing new signage.
The council voted 5-0 to release $1800, previously allotted, but unused, for improvements to the community center to Bill White to replace equipment taken when the Senior Center’s food program left Jane Lew.
The council adopted final revisions to Jane Lew’s Emergency Plan.
The council also finalized plans for the National Day of Prayer on May 3.  
The next meeting of the Jane Lew Town Council will be held on April 2, at the Jane Lew Town Hall.

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