Irish, Suns remain undefeated as LCYBL reason rolls on

The Irish and Suns kept their perfect seasons intact as play in the Lewis County Youth Basketball League heads into the final week of play. Two game were held at the St. Pat’s Gym on Feb. 1. The Rebels topped the Hornets 13-10 to open the action for the night. Sadie Cooney five points paced the Rebels while Maddy Benson led the Hornets with four points. The Knicks then downed the Trotters 23-7. Aidan Anderson led the Knicks with nine points while Cole Farrar had six points for the Trotters.
Three more games were played at the St. Pat’s Gym on Feb. 2. The Colts defeated the Celtics 27-18. Caleb McKee scored 16 points for the Colts, while Liam Jefferies scored fourteen points for the Celtics. The Irish would get the better of the Redskins 52-11. Caden Kelley fourteen points and Ben Putnam 10 points led the Irish while Bryant Zielinski scored seven points for the Redskins. The Lakers pulled out a close 12-9 win in the night cap. Brayden Nicholson scored five points for the Lakers while Jacob Hellems had seven points for the Trotters.
Action for the week at the St. Pat’s Gym concluded with three more game played on Feb. 3. The Suns topped the Hornets 23-10. Emma Pinkney led the way for the Suns with eight points while Maddy Benson had six points for the Hornets. The Fillies then defeated the Rebels 16-4. Hope Dever was the leading scorer for the Hornets with nine points while Sadie Cooney and Erin Flanigan had 2 points each for the Rebels. In the last game of the night it was the Pistons over the Minutemen 28-23. Logan Boyce scored 15 points for the Pistons while Luke Boram and Landyn Taylor had six points each for the Minutemen.
 The scene shifted to the Robert L. Bland Middle School Gym on Feb. 4 with a five game slate on tap. The Colts got by the Trotters 25-13. Caleb McKee had 15 points for the Colts. Jacob Padgett and Jacob Hellems had four points each for the Trotters. The Irish then raced by the Pistons 54=6. Pason Kelley and Manny Robinson had 12 points and Ben Putnam 10 points for the Irish while ;Logan Boyce had 3 points for the Pistons. The Suns then defeated the Hornets 21-12. Emma Pinkney score 15 points for the Suns while Maddy Benson had six points for the Hornets. The Mountaineers then got by the Redskins 36-15. Dylon Messenger fourteen points and Hunter Starett 12 points led the Mountaineers while Ryder Aman had six points for the Redskins. In the final game of the day the Knicks defeated the Celtics 26-11. Brayden Williams scored 10 points for the Knicks while Ashton Zickefoose had five points for the Celtics. Action will continue this week with another full slate of games while the Stars of Tomorrow Tournament is slated to start Feb. 17.
Box Scores
Hornets 10
Rebels 13
​Hornets: Maddy Benson 4; Destiny West 2; Ava Kennedy 2; Karli Foster 2
​Rebels: Sadie Cooney 5; Mackenzie Gregory 4; Kennedy Willison 4
Trotters 7
Knicks 23
​Trotters: Jacob Hellems 1; Cole Farrar 6
Knicks: Konner Clevenger 2; Aidan Anderson 9; Brayden Williams 3; Dalton Frye 4; Maddox Gillespie 3; Kaiden Harris 2
Colts 27
Celtics 18
​Colts: Jared Flanigan 2; Ben Shafer 4; Tyler Weese 3; Caleb McKee 16; J.W Garrett 2
Celtics: Kyle Hayhurst 2;Liam Jefferies 14; Ashton Zickefoose 2
​Redskins 11
‘Irish 52
​Redskins: Bryant Zielinski 7; Ryder Aman 2; Cade Richards 1; Jorrin Baxter 1
​Irish: Pason Kelley 8; Manny Robinson 8; Joey Aman 4; Keller Bennett 8; Ben Putnam 10; Caden Kelley 14
​Trotters 9
Lakers 12
Trotters: Jacob Padgett 2; Jacob Hellems 7
​Lakers: Isaac Smith 2; Joe Butcher 3; Brayden Nicholson 5; Hunter Wilson 2
​Hornets 10
Suns 23
​Hornets: Maddy Benson 6; Destiny West 2; Brianna Stout 2
​Suns: Zoe Skinner 2; Emma Pinkney 8; Ashley Crook 2; Bryn Hunt 7; Abby Coakley 2; Meizhi Belt 2
Rebels 4
Fillies 16
​Rebels: Sadie Cooney 2; Erin Flanigan 2
Fillies: Zoie Parmer 5; Raeleigh Bonnett 2; Hope Dever 9
Minutemen 23
Pistons 28
​Minutemen: Treyton Stout 3; Caden Forinash 4; Xavier Cossitt 2; Mitchell Norman 2; Luke Boram 6; Landyn Taylor 6
​Pistons: Jesse Kemper 2; Logan Boyce 15; Jason Jenkins 7; Cayden Marple 1; Tyler Smith 1; Noah Daniels 2
Trotters 13
Colts 25
​Trotters: Jacob Padgett 4; Trevor Padgett 1; Jacob Hellems 4; Cade Farrar 2; Quinten Posey 2
​Colts: Jared Flanigan 2; Ben Shafer 4; Caleb McKee 15; Tyler Weese 2; Jake Williams 2
Pistons 6
Irish 54
​Pistons: Jason Jenkins 1; Logan Boyce 3; Noah Daniels 2
​Irish: Keller Bennett 5; Pason Kelley 12; Manny Robison 12; Ben Putnam 10; Tome Derico 4; Joey Aman 7; Caden Kelley 4
Hornets 12
Suns 21
​Hornets: Maddy Benson 6; Ava Kennedy 2; Brianna Stout 4
Suns: Zoe Skinner 2; Emma Pinkney 15; Bryn Hunt 2;Kaidyn Holcomb 2
​Redskins: Brayden Lipps 4; Ryder Aman 6; Zack Reel 2; Bryant Zielinski 2; Cade Richards 2’ Tim Perkins 2
​Mountaineers: Zander Crofton 2; Hunter Starett 12; Jacob Mick 2; Scott Underwood 2; Noah Sizemore 1; Gerik Walsh 3; Dylon Messenger 14
​Knicks 26
Celtics 11
Knicks: Jacob Johnson 3; Aidan Anderson 6; Brayden Williams 10; Maddox Gillespie 7;
Celtics: Isaac Gay 2; Liam Jefferies 4; Ashton Zickefoose 5
LCYBL Standings
Gray Division
Knicks 5-4
​Lakers 4-5
Colts 3-7;
Celtics 2-6
Trotters 0-12
Blue Division
Irish 10-0
Mountaineers 8-1
Pistons 7-4
Minutemen 6-2
Redskins 3-7
Girls Division
Suns 10-0
Fillies 4-5
Rebels 3=6
Hornets 2-8
Upcoming LCYBL Games
​Feb. 8 St. Pat’s Gym
Knicks vs. Colts 6 p.m.
​Mountaineers vs. Irish 7 p.m.
Feb. 9 St. Pat’s Gym
​Lakers vs. Knicks 6 p.m.
Hornets vs. Rebels 7 p.m.
Suns vs. Fillies 8 p.m.
​Feb. 10 St. Pat’s Gym
​Hornets vs. Fillies 6 p.m.
​Minutemen vs. Mountaineers 7 p.m.
​Rebels vs. Suns 8 p.m.
Feb. 11 Robert L. Bland Middle School Gym
Lakers vs. Colts 1:30p.m.
Minutemen vs. Irish 2:30 p.m.
Trotters vs. Celtics 3:30 p.m.
​Pistons vs. Redskins 4:30 p.m.
​Girls if necessary 5:30 p.m.

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