Ireland Man Arrested for Strangling Nephew

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Perry Cogar, 33, of Ireland, was arrested on May 9, and charged with strangulation, according to his criminal complaint.
The complaint alleges that Cogar was in an altercation with his nephew, a juvenile, and his sister.
Upon arrival, Cogar’s sister, Melissa Cogar, told the responding officer the defendant was “holding his nephew down on the bed and was choking him.”
When his nephew tried to say something, the defendant choked him tighter, the complaint continued.
Cogar allegedly went to hit his nephew after he got off of the bed, but he hit his sister by accident, the complaint continues.
The defendant’s sister allegedly told him to go home. Cogar then retrieved a Ruger 44 caliber Magnum, and told his sister that he would shoot her if she came into the bedroom, according to the complaint.
Cogar’s bond has been set at $40,000 surety/cash.
In an unrelated case, Richard Ketterman, of Mentor, Ohio, was charged with transferring/receiving stolen property on May 6.
Ketterman allegedly stole a vehicle from North Carolina that belonged to a man he was working for, according to the complaint
Ketterman told the responding officer the man owed him money. He initially gave the officer false information, then told the officer he did that to avoid going to jail, the complaint alleges.
Ketterman’s license had been suspended since 1999, as well. His preliminary hearing has been scheduled later this month.
In an unrelated case, defendant Michael Lough appeared in Magistrate Court for his preliminary hearing.
Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney Christina Flanigan told Magistrate Michael Gissy she is unable to prosecute this case due to a conflict of interest, but is attempting to secure a special prosecutor.
Flanigan asked that Lough’s bond be set at $5,000 surety through a bondsman. Gissy accepted her request.

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