Hubbs pleads to lesser robbery sentence

Ryan Hubbs, 33, of Paris, Ohio, was sentenced to five to 18 years for second degree robbery in Circuit Court on Tuesday.
Hubbs was originally indicted on first degree robbery charges in the October, 2016, for vehicle theft in Weston.
His sentence was doubled to 10-18 years because the recidivism statute was invoked.
He pleaded to second degree robbery in Circuit Court. Hubbs has a prior felony conviction in Ohio and is facing felony murder charges in Marion County.
He was originally indicted on one count of first degree robbery in the theft of a car at gunpoint at the Weston CVS Pharmacy in October, 2016.
Hubbs will pay court costs and court appointed attorney’s fees up to $500.
He is also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $500 to the victim, who chose not to appear for the sentencing, and $21,398.71 to the victim’s insurance company. Hubbs has three years to pay all restitution, court costs, and attorney’s fees.
His sentence was effective Tuesday, and he will receive credit for time already served.

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