How much is a working parent worth?

Alli's Angle

Lately on social media websites I have seen a meme or two floating around saying that stay at home moms are worth six figures, while I don’t dispute that a stay at home mother works enough in a year to earn six figures, what am I worth then as a working mother?
My daily life consists of the same things that a stay at home mother does, but I do one other thing, I go to a job, which takes an enormous amount of effort somedays.
I wake up early, I hug my child, I cook meals for my family, I clean house, do laundry, wash dished, drive my child places, grocery shop and pay bills.
I have a sitter who watches my child one day a week and my sister-in-law watches him one day a week, other than that either me, my husband or my mother have him. I do not have a personal shopper, cook, housekeeper or nanny. These memes say that a stay at home mother is equivalent to having these four personnel staffed or more.
My question to those people who make up these memes is what am I worth, what is my husband worth? We both work full-time jobs, because that is what it takes to survive for us. Trust me I wish I could stay home with my kid all day.
Another offense I have with these memes is why would put a number on being able to stay at home with your child, to me this is priceless. Being able to spend all day with your child, being able to teach them, to have every meal together, to go through every up and down with them, is immeasurable.
I hope you realize I am not criticizing stay at home moms, in fact I envy them. I am just critical of the memes, that in my opinion diminish working mothers and fathers.
I am not sure why this offended me so much, it may be that I just wish I could be home with my two year old, it might be because I am high strung, I may have a valid point.
I do know that working moms and dads deserve a pat on the back though, for working to make the life of their child/chilren better. I thank those who work for a living and those who are able to stay at home and take care of the children that they have.
We live in a society, where sometimes it takes both parents working, like in my household, I am a journalist, my husband is a police officer in a small town, do you think we make a lot of money? We love our jobs, we love our family.
The point of this was not to criticize anyone, just caution readers of memes or articles on social media. I know everything offends everybody in today’s world, everything must be politically correct.
I don’t usually take offense to silly memes, but this one bothered me somewhat. It also made me think about things in a new perspective and gave me a new outlook.
Sometimes I get upset, because I don’t feel accomplished, but when I step back and think about things, I realize I am a working mother and that I am worth so much more than the paycheck I earn every two weeks.

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