Holden and Sons expands to bigger location

Mike Holden started Holden and Sons Amish Built Buildings in October, 2015, and since that time the business has outgrown its current space. 
Holden recently moved and expanded the business from its original location on U.S. Highway 33 beside the Little General Convenience store, to its new and larger location on Arnold Avenue, near Wendy’s.
Holden got the idea for the business through his step-father’s contacts in the Amish community in Danville, Ohio. He originally partnered with Country Lane Custom Buildings, but has since moved on to partner with Lakeside Cabins, though Holden remains appreciative of Country Lane for helping him get started.
“I’ve been fortunate to work with good people,” Holden said of his various business partners, including his set-up crew, contracted from Cross-State Trucking, he went on to praise the crew as “very dependable.”
Holden and Sons offers a wide variety of custom built outbuildings, cottage cabins, log cabin houses, and even dog kennels, according to Holden. He added they will be adding gazebos to the line-up in the spring. Holden went on to explain that the business offered buildings in a wide variety of sizes, from 8-by-8 feet to 14-by-44, with larger buildings available upon request.
Holden credited his parents, Linda Holden-Ashcraft, and the late Benny Holden for his success saying, “They showed me the right path to go along a long time ago, and I’ve been learning from them my whole life.”
Holden also said his sons, Ben and Kenny Holden, were a driving force behind the idea for the business, as he wanted to leave them something when he was gone. He noted that Ben Holden is a junior at West Virginia University and Kenny Holden is a junior at Lewis County High School.
“I’m very proud of my sons,” said Holden, before going on to note the support of his friends as well as his family in both his business and personal life, and saying, “The good Lord has blessed me.”
Holden and Sons Amish Built Buildings can be contacted during business hours at 681-495-4416 and after 4 p.m., at 304-884-6967. Holden also added that anyone who wants to stop by the lot and look around would be

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